How to Change a Pet’s Life

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How to Change a Pet’s Life

As mentioned previously, January is when we celebrate our pet birds, specifically on Janruary 5th. But also January 24th is designated to honor our pets by changing a pet’s life! And, of course, there are so very many ways we can accomplish changing a pet’s life. Just think about it and let me put forward or propose some ideas on how to change a pet’s life.


Older dog in Shelter 427 x 674

Now, adoption, there is a real life-changing function for a pet cooped up in a cage somewhere waiting for his or her new family and best friend. And there are so many types of pets to choose from to fit just about any lifestyle.

Aquarium Fellas

An aquarium is most probably the easiest care and least time consuming option. And there are so many beautiful fish and other types of fun and active aquarium critters too. From Betas to gold fish to guppies or cute dwarf African frogs and snails or bottom dwellers. Colors of the rainbow to choose from too. Check out my post “Easy Care Pets” for some tips and guidelines.

Feathered Buddies

Yellow Canary on a perch 413 x 413

Birds are another great choice if you can spend some time training and interacting. But again, so many options available. From larger parrots to a small parrotlet or canary, or a couple of budgies or lovebirds. See some information on several pet birds in my post “I Want a Pet Bird“.

Canine Cuties

Schnauzer at dog show 510x340

Doggos are definitely more time consuming but total loving creatures. And again so many sizes, breeds, dispositions, or activity inclinations to choose from that will fit right in with the things you prefer to do — hiking, playing, training, lounging. You name it, there is a great dog waiting for you. Check out some great resources in “Pet Events – Animal Welfare”.

Feline Friends

Cat playing with felt ball with bell 320 x 320

Kitty cats are so different in temperment than dogs. So which is better for you? Cats appear more independent and aloof but can be very loving also. Some can be quite active too enjoying outings with you. See my post “Curious Facts about Cats and Dogs“.

And if you do decide on adopting a pet cat or dog do look over some good questions to answer in “Pet Adoptions Questions“.

Anxiety Ridding Options

Healers Pet Care Front Body Wrap for Dogs 500 x 500

If your best pet friend seems scared quite often or is jumpy, nervous, afraid of visitors, it may be time to look into an anxiety vest to help change their outlook and calm them down to enjoy their life more. Or perhaps some CBD made without any THC to help alleviate their fears. There are quite a number of good safe USA-made products on the market now to alleviate their tensions. See my guest post for Healers Pet Care on their anxiety vest in “Body Wrap your Pet?” shown in my Portfolio, and also my post on CBD use and other options in “Pet CBD Usage Growing?”.

Pet Honesty calming hemp chews 175 x 175

Training and Activity

calico Kitty reaching for treat during training session 508 x 339
Calico cat standing up on hind legs, begging, picking, asking food in living room, doing trick with front paw, claws with woman hand holding treat, meat

Maybe your pet is in need of some new activity and attention. Training tricks and new commands bring you closer together.

Aquarium Guys

For your aquarium buds, just a change of scenery decor to investigate or a new treat might do the trick or possibly introducing a new pal.


Your birdy friend might like a new toy or you might try to teach them a word or a trick. You could introduce them to their own bath or a new snuggly bed. But some good extra attention is always in order.


If your dog is quite active have you thought about some agility training? Small or large, both sizes can excel and love this activity. Or just some good walks and maybe a dog park or two might be a healthy action. Extra play time is always greeted with enthusiasm.


Have you considered teaching your cat to walk with you on a leash. Good information on just how to do this you can find through Tufts Catnip or at Maddie’s Fund. Or how about a new puzzle treat toy to keep them engaged. Teaching them a trick would be welcomed…that is, if they are in the right mood. LOL.

If you would like to brighten a pet’s life or consider using some of the pet life enhancing options above, please do. Make a pet happy by showing your pet some of the love they shower on you.

Remember to take advantage of our safe, quality USA-made pet products. Many are mentioned on my site. Check out my Category: USA-made Pet Products, on my Welcome Page.

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