Curious Facts about Cats and Dogs

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Below I will mention curious facts about Cats and Dogs both, beginning with our kitty friends.

Cats and Catnip

A few fun facts on Cats from a recent article in Pet Age on catnip. Talking about why cats “crave catnip”, it goes on to say that catnip is from the mint family of herbs and contains a chemical called terpene which attracts cats and stimulates their smell sensors much like pheromones.

The article by Yeowww Catnip of August 1, 2021 states that nearly 75% of cats are affected by catnip and may continue for almost 20 minutes at a time with kicking, and slobbering, and tumbling occurring. Also stated is that catnip is totally safe for cats and kitties. And, that your cat may become less addicted over time. In that case you might want to store your catnip in a dark space in an airtight container to retain freshness and bring it out less often.

Additionally if you want to buy a catnip toy it is best to get one that is stuffed full of catnip.

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Dogs and their Sniffers

A few fun facts on dogs reported by The Bark Magazine (now The Wildest) in an August 2021 issue says that your canine’s sniff rate when they are actively sniffing is “140 to 200 times per minute”. Wow no wonder their sense of smell is so much stronger than ours.

And, your furry babe does communicate mostly with body language with other dogs. Females will most likely greet another dog by smelling their snout while the males will usually go to the genital area. Females are generally known to have a stronger sense of smell than males as is the case with humans.

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Relaxation for your Pet

Another impressive and curious fact about dogs is that a 15-minute petting session can calm and relax a shelter dog and help install more positive behavior. Also that a dog gazing into your eyes is akin to the positive reaction of a mother-infant relationship.

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You can find more fun facts on dogs in the article from The Bark: The Bark is now ‘The Wildest’.

Athleticism in our Pets

Another article written by a DVM in July 2016 and published in a recent issue of The Bark talks about the difference in cats and dogs and their athletic abilities. This is a little-known and definitely a curious fact about cats and dogs. It is entitled: “Dog Are Marathoners, Cat are Sprinters”. The DVM, Sarah Wooten, talks about a tendon in the neck called the nuchal ligament. This ligament is one that dogs, horses, and humans have and “are unique long distance runners”.

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Cats on the other hand do not have a nuchal ligament and don’t hunt in packs as dogs or run their prey to tire them out. They hunt alone and rely on stealth and their flexibility. It goes on to point out that cats can “jump up to nine times their height”, and make sudden changes in direction in a split second. So their spine is much more elastic than a dog’s spine, in fact, a cat can “stretch their body and run with a stride length of three times their body length”.

See more in depth information on this article here:

Check out the difference in sprinting and running between cats and dogs for yourself by observing your cat’s and your dog’s actions.

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One more post with good information you need to know is: “Know Your Furry Friend’s Body Language”.

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  1. Wow, interesting facts. I never knew about the tendon in the neck of dogs (and us). I also didn’t know about the specific chemical in catnip. But I’m very aware of cats’ responses. No wonder they act like goofballs and finally pass out.

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