How to Care for your Small Aquarium in Hot Weather

Following are tools and tips for your small aquarium summer care.

Temperature Gauge

Check your aquarium temperature gauge. The norm is 72 to 76 degrees. If the sun is soaring above 80 degrees and you have no air conditioning, it is time to turn off your tank heater. The water will usually stay 4 degrees cooler than your room temperature.

Cooling Tips for Hot Weather Aquarium Care

If the water level has dropped you can add some cool treated water to top it off between water changes.

Another way to cool your aquarium guys is to freeze water in small plastic containers and float them. That is a good cool off if the temp is really rising inside.

Water Changes and Cleaning

Try to do a quarter to a third water change and debris cleanse every week. If you use tap water you will want to get some water conditioning from your pet store. The container will tell you how many drops to use depending on the amount of water you are adding.

It is a good idea to use stainless steel. I use a one and a half-gallon stainless steel bowl and a quart measure for adding water because drops are usually ‘per gallon’. The stainless steel is good because ‘nasties’ don’t adhere to it like they do plastic. You can also find test strips to tell you how well your water is for your little fellows.

I use a turkey baster to go thru the gravel and take out residue. There are other methods and tools available through your pet store.

Always rinse off all your utensils (and any aquarium ornaments that need cleaning) with hot water before and after using them to keep any nasties from inhabiting your tank. Never use any type of soap, only hot water. Also wash your hands well before and after to safeguard your water babies and yourself.

Heaters and Filters

Remember to always clean your filter and make sure it is operating correctly.

I recommend replacing both your heater and your filter every year.

Indian Almond Leaves

On the subject of ‘nasties’, Indian Almond Leaves (also called Catappa Leaves) help to keep any bad critters out of your aquarium water. And, your water babies may like to sleep under them too.

Aquarium Covers

If you have a cover on your tank, I would recommend removing it when your room heats up too much.

If you shield your aquarium with a ‘black out’ type cloth for your guys at night, I would not use it if your room temperature is over 80 degrees.

Hoping these pointers are of assistance to you for your small aquarium summer care.

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