New Year Pet Resolutions

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New Year Pet Resolutions

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Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, right?! How about considering some good New Year resolutions for our pets too. Following are some good ideas for our New Year Pet Resolutions.

Aquarium Dwellers

2 Betta Fish one blue and one red 173 x 173

Our swimming buds could certainly use some new decor to investigate, or to swim through or into for fun. How about a new silk plant to liven up their space and maybe as a new sleeping spot.

Or, could they use a new treat. I give my Dwarf African Frogs a defrosted mini shrimp treat once a week and my snail a piece of dried algie he loves to rip off its holder.

If it is past time for a new filter or heater, better do it now.

Birds of a Feather…

budgies ale teal and green my skyli and noel 195 x 130

If you are in a cold climate, think of trying a heated bird perch. Your birdy loves mirrors and new toys are always welcome. Or try some yummy fruit or veggie as a good treat. Or one of the gourmet treat sticks available.

A new nighttime breathable cover for their cage or a snuggly sleeping spot I am sure they would be tweeting about. ‘

Or how about teaching them a word or a new whistle note? More attention is always a good thing.

Note: National Bird Day was on January 5th.

Canine Girls and Guys

Several dogs interacting at dog park 275 x 183
Calico cat standing up on hind legs, begging, picking, asking food in living room, doing trick with front paw, claws with woman hand holding treat, meat

Here you have so many options. But spending more time walking or teaching a new trick or a new command is great. Maybe it is time for those agility sessions.

Of course, a new toy or other distraction like a treat toy for alone times might be in order.

A new warm coat or booties for the cold weather is always appreciated. Or have you checked your leash and harness condition lately. Maybe a night time flash stripe is needed.

Have you tried a new natural delish food topper?

Kitty Cats

Tabby Cat lying on floor with toys 478 x 350

Plenty of fun choices available for these fur buds too. Do you think your kitty might like to sit outside in her very own catico? Or maybe be trained to walk on a leash?

Have you considered teaching your cat some tricks or a command or two. Interaction is always a good thing with our pets.

Of course they love new fun toys and even a good treat toy to keep them occupied for their alone time with some lovely organic catnip inside. A window sill perch I am positive your kitty would be purring all over the place and on you. Again, a new yummy natural food topper might be added to their food dish.

There you have some fun and easy ideas for New Year’s resolutions for pets. Don’t forget to check on your pet’s vet status also. Any shots due or a general checkup? And do remember to ask your vet about correct dosages for any use of CBD oils, etc.

And see some great USA-made products to choose from on my Christmas post entitled “For My Pet on Chrisrmas”.

At any rate, do spend special time with your dear and loving pets all year.

Funny Animal Videos

This had me laughing out loud, and showed a great bond made..from Big Geek Daddy showing a guy and his dog —

Next we have from Big Geek Dad dogs and snow —

One last on Santa’s helpers —


Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year for all! Thanks for stopping. Come back by next week and know that I do love to see your comments as well as ‘likes’ posted down below on the left. To continue receiving our Pet Viewpoint posts, remember to hit our free Subscribe button up top or down below.

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  1. Thank you for all the reminders since I really need them. I loved the delightful videos! Steven was a riot!

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