For a Happy Pet Valentine

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For a Happy Pet Valentine

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Here we are again! Happy Valentine’s Day to all our pet parents and their pets. For a Happy Pet Valentine how about taking advantage of our best USA-made pet dental products to help keep your pet’s teeth in a healthy condition. What better for this February month that is dedicated to our pet’s dental health.

Be sure to check out some great USA-made dental products in “Dental Care for our Fur Babies” — and see which might work best for your best pet friend. There are water additives, toothpaste and brush kits, dental treats, and more to choose for your fur pal. As stated in previous posts, our cats and dogs tend to get periodontal disease by age three if their dental needs are not addressed. So give them that extra special caring bit of love for their pearly whites.

See a great dental chew from below. It comes in your choice of four sizes from tiny to large, so for a dog under 15 pounds up to a large 90 pound dog.

Dental chew by 346 x 433

Or try a full dental kit by containing a water additive for your pet’s breath, and a gel toothpaste and finger brush for your cat or dog’s teeth.

dental cat 420 x 120

But do look at the several options available by our USA-made pet product manufacturers shown in my post “Dental Care for our Fur Babies” mentioned above.

Eileen Clark shares her Cat Poem

Author Eileen Clark recently shared a poem she wrote about her beloved kitty and I am going to share it here with you – a sweet valentine. She entitles it “My Calico Cat”.

I Have a calico cat very quiet and shy                                                                                He disappears when my friends stop by
They tease and ask, does he meow or cry
Are we ever going to see this little guy

His toys are scattered around on the floor
I have padding on every corner and door                                                                When you are here in his invisible presence                                                               Things to know to make your visit pleasant

Sit still and be calm so he can get to know
His instincts will tell if you're friend or foe
He'll grab at your foot from under the couch
Then grab the other before you can say ouch

Time has passed and my cat’s doing well
He now wears a collar with a little bell
So when he hides he’s not so hard to find
Such a blessing cause he hides all the time

I don't let him out to play in the warm sun
It’s hard for I know he would have such fun
He bumps into chairs and walks into the wall
He doesn't know which way to go when I call

I've had my cat now for quite a few years                                                                            When he leaves I will shed many tears                                                                            He has been a handful but I don't mind
My precious little calico cat is totally blind.

You can find her on at

Pet Food Recall Notices

You can alert yourself to these notices through the site or subscribe to Dog Food Advisor’s recall notices; important information for your fur babe’s safety.


Happy to have you stop by Pet Viewpoint. We hope to see you again soon. Please remember to mention our site to your pet-loving family and friends. Until next week, Happy Valentine’s Day! And, do remember to hit our free Subscribe button to receive our weekly pet posts.

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