Flea & Tick Season – HELP!

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Flea & Tick Season – HELP!

Here is an update to information on our best USA-made pet products for Flea and Tick Season help. That time of year is already zooming in on us. I initially wrote about this in March of 2022 in “Best Flea and Tick Help for Pets“. So following are the available good USA-made and sourced flea and tick products at this writing for your pet cats and dogs.

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All USA-made and Sourced Products

The five USA-made pet product manfacturers I previously mentioned are still a go and shown again here:


AdamsPetCare.com of Phoenix, Arizona has been with us since 1975, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet of Wisconsin. They provide both cat and dog products for fleas and ticks in the form of shampoo, a home spray, garden spray, and collars. These products are noted good for puppies and kittens aged 12 weeks and up.

Pure and Natural Pet

PureandNaturalPet.com of Norwalk, Connecticut provides us with flea and tick products for your doggos. For fleas and ticks they offer USDA certified organic wipes and a spray.

Richard’s Organics

Richard’s Organics by SynergyLabs.com since 1990 offers us canine flea and tick products. Synergy is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with manufacturing in North Carolina. This group provides canine flea and tick relief in the form of a shampoo and spray for the home and for pet bedding.

Scouts Honor

ScoutsHonor.com located in Oceanside, California, was established in 2015 and produces “biodegradable, eco friendly, free from harsh chemicals” pet products. They concentrate on dogs for flea and tick help with a home and yard spray, and canine shampoo with a peppermint scent. For cats they do provide a probiotic spray, shampoo, and wipes.

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Wondercide.com of Austin, Texas since 2009 manufactures plant-based pet products “free of harmful chemicals” in several different scents. One is called ‘lemongrass’. Their flea and tick products are good for both cats and dogs. They make different strengths of spray for cats and dogs. Their collars, shampoo, and sprays are reported okay for cats and dogs aged 4 months and up.

One additional USA-made company is:


Seresto.com is owned by Elanco, an American pharmaceutical company out of Greenfield, Indiana with manufacuring in Kansas. Their flea and tick collar info reports providing 8 months of protection and are noted as good for puppies aged 7 weeks and up and kitties aged 10 weeks and up.

Check out the other skin care and allergy products made by the above mentioned companies for your pets. And do be sure to take advantage of your good USA-made pet products.

Bird Food Recall

If you have a pet bird or feed wild birds be advised of a March 2023 voluntary recall notice by Kaytee on their wild bird food — information was provided by Pet Age. You can find more details at the FDA.org site.

Animal Videos

The first is an important educational life saving video from Big Geek Daddy showing how to save your choking dog or cat: https://biggeekdad.com/2022/03/how-to-save-a-choking-dog/.

Next is a funny bird video to enjoy sent by my brother’s friend: https://1funny.com/bird-song-opera/.

And another must see is a ‘guard’ cat: https://biggeekdad.com/2022/11/ferocious-guard-cat/.


Thanks for stopping at Pet Viewpoint. Do come back next week so you don’t miss some good pet tips, great products, and fun videos on our earth’s great animals. Remember to hit the “Subscribe” button and enter your email to take advantage of our informative posts.

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  1. Thank you for the flea and tick information. i’ve been looking for safe sprays for pet bedding. All the videos were great. Glad I know how to save a choking dog now. All dog lovers should learn this.

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