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Wow, there are so many pet flea and tick products on the market, so let us look at the best flea and tick help for pets. In my research of late, I discovered that the products I used for my dog were actually by a USA company owned by a company in China. You really have to check out the origins of your products.

I have learned about five USA-made and sourced companies with pet flea and tick treatments who are governed by our safety regulations and guidelines here in the USA. They also contribute to our local economy and work force. Those listed below provide the best flea and tick help for our pet cats and dogs, all USA-made.

Aquarium Notes

To digress a moment or two, a word about your aquarium critters’ safety. I just want to mention how important it is to wash your hands before and after cleaning your aquarium. Or if you are handling your aquarium decor or gadgets do so for your own safety as well as your swimming buds. And, of course, treating their water for your aquarium critters’ safety is vital.

Pet Bird Notes

Beautiful Sun Conure bird isolated on white background.

Another mention – for your pet birds’ safety. In flu season or if you are near any sickness, I want to caution you to also wash your hands and face before and after handling your feathered friends. My adorable budgie, Skyli, liked to ‘kiss’ my lips and caught the flu after I had been near flu victims. Unfortunately, I could not save her.

Best Flea and Tick Help for Pets – all USA

It is important to note that your cat and dog flea and tick products are NOT NECESSARILY interchangeable.

The five USA-made pet flea and tick treatments manufacturers I have found in alphabetical order for your fur babies are:

Adams Pet Care of Phoenix, Arizona has been with us since 1975, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet of Wisconsin. Central Garden and Pet has several subsidiaries one of which is Kaytee Pet Products known for their pet bird and small animal products.. Adams carries flea and tick products for your canines: collars, carpet spray, shampoo, spot on, a pet spray, and a home spray. They also carry specific flea and tick products for your feline friends – collars, shampoo, spot on, a spray, and a home spray.

Pure and Natural Pet of Norwalk, Connecticut provides us with flea and tick products for your doggos. Their products are “USDA certified organic”, award-winning, and developed by their President, Beth Sommer. Their website shows the natural ingredients they use. For flea and tick canine products, they make a canine spray, wipes, and shampoo.

Richard’s Organics

Richard’s Organics by since 1990 offers us canine flea and tick products. Synergy has many subsidiaries as does Central Garden and Pet. They are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with manufacturing in North Carolina. Their canine flea and tick products are a canine spray, shampoo, and home and bedding spray for your dog friends.

Scout’s Honor located in Oceanside, California, was established in 2015 and produces “biodegradable, eco friendly, free from harsh chemicals”, and award-winning pet products. Their pet products are manufactured and sourced in California, USA. Scout’s Honor gives us flea and tick products for our canine buds: a home spray, a yard spray, and a canine shampoo.

Wondercide of Austin, Texas since 2009 manufactures plant-based pet products “free of harmful chemicals” in several different scents. Their tested flea and tick products are “safe for both cats and dogs of any age”. And, they provide both pet and home sprays and yard and garden sprays which are “approved by holistic veterinarians”.

If you haven’t seen my recent post on pet allergies and skincare “Pet Seasonal Allergies”, please take a look to see some great USA products for skin care also needed in these coming months and for many of our pets, all year long.

Another important topic for our fur babies is dental care. See “Imperative Dental Care for Our Fur Babies“.

And one last mention about pet anxiety. See “Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids“.

I am sure you must agree that your flea and tick help for this season and in many areas, all year, is so very important for your furry friends as well. Please do take advantage of the aforementioned USA product information.


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