Is It Safe for Dogs to Eat Deer Poo?

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Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Deer Poo?

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In the information I have researched regarding “Is it safe for dogs to eat deer poo?”, the opinions appear to be somewhat of a mixed bag. But overall, they recommend a good designed dog food is best.

This subject was a suggestion from my Georgia nephew, Joe. Consequently, if this is also a problem for you, send out your thanks to Joe!

So picture walking in the wooded nearby area with your dog who has run off ahead of you. As you catch up, you find him or her next to a pile of poop and your doggo friend licking their chops. Or maybe you don’t need a picture because this happens with your dog quite often.

Man walking dog woodsy area pexel 412 x 618 best for POST whydogs eat deer poo

Animal Welfare Institute

In a Farm Animal study from the Animal Welfare Institute, it is said that deer poop can be a source of nutrients and protein since whitetail deer, plentiful in USA forest areas, eat mostly woody plants, including many acorns which are protein, as well as grasses. Deer poo also does contain good lipids and minerals. And with dogs’ powerful sense of smell they are attracted to the feces actually smelling to them like a ‘treat’. The Animal Welfare Institute prepares comprehensive reports on the ‘welfare of animals used in agriculture’ and ‘promote strong enforcement of laws to protect companion animals’.

However, eating deer feces or any animal feces can be a sign of a nutrient deficiency, they say, in your dog’s diet. And the very best way to remedy this problem is feeding them good food designed for dogs. But, on a side note, deer poop may be a good addition particularly to a working dog’s food with its muscle building and energy boosting properties.

Dogs and deer poo Farm Rpt 523 x 415 best for POST deer poo

But, again, is it SAFE? Can dogs get sick from eating deer poo? Well the best recourse is to contact your Vet and see what he or she might recommend. Eating any feces may cause stomach issues, with harmful bacteria, and internal parasites. And signs of eating poop causing sickness include diarrea, stomach ache, vomiting, even tooth decay.

The practice of eating feces by dogs is scientifically termed “coprophagia”. Wag reports: “Eating deer poop can put your pup at risk of developing intestinal parasites. This condition can be expensive to treat.” So it is best to rule this problem out from the gitgo through an exam by your vet. If your dog develops a medical condition as a result of eating deer poop, you will need to follow the vet’s recommended treatment plan, but in most cases, you can expect your dog to make a full recovery.

Deer and dog from Wayg 406 x 160

If it is determined their eating poop is a behavioral problem, there are several ways to change that behavior:

…”You may be able to change your dog’s behavior if you:

  • Keep your yard and gardens free of feces
  • Keep a tight leash on your dog when walking in areas where there might be deer poop
  • Use their favorite treat to distract them
  • Try changing their diet or feeding them smaller amounts more frequently”

“You may be able to use a citronella training collar. This type of collar lets you remotely release a citronella spray that will disrupt their thoughts regarding eating poop as they will no longer be able to smell it.”

Veterinary Source

I checked a good veterinary source, Patton Vet Hospital in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. That vet organization has 4.7 star reviews out of 5 from well over 600 clients.

Patton Vet Hosp 404 x 257 best for POST DEER POO

They present their “lowdown” on dogs eating animal poo as disgusting since they do like to lick our faces. They report the risk of parasites from several forms of feces as follows:

Rabbit poo – dogs love and is not likely to be a problem.

Deer poo and farm animal feces (horses, cows, goats) – a sampling is not likely to present a parasitic problem.

Cat poo can definitely cause worms.

Dog poo can present possible parasites.

Raccoon poo should be avoided at all costs! They carry deadly parasites for dogs.

Their conclusion: “So, for the most part, if your dog likes to snack on stool, it shouldn’t cause serious illness.  But try to avoid having your dog eat cat poo, poo from unknown dogs and especially raccoon poo!”

Author’s Opinion

I don’t currently have a dog or a cat, but I believe taking fewer chances on any parasitic invitations into my animals would be my decision. So I would maybe let them “sample” deer poo occasionally..that is, if I actually knew what type of animal produced the poo. And that, to me, would be the big problem.

If I was certain what type of poo they might be ‘enjoying’, then I would just watch their behavior to see if it was causing any discomfort or vomiting. If so, I would stop, take them to the vet, and take the steps mentioned by Wag to stop their eating any type of poo completely. And if my dog enjoyed’ eating poo as “too much of a good thing”, I would find some alternate treats, as suggested, to deter that behavior. Also I would look into changing and enhancing their dog designed diet.

Do take another look at some great natural treats in my post ” Pet Poison Prevention Awareness”. And take advantage of great USA-made dog treats like’s antlers,’s single ingredient treats,’s biscuits of blueberries, pumpkin, or salmon. Another excellent USA-made treat is by if you could use a calming treat. And, for more of our USA-made pet treats, go to my ‘Welcome‘ page and look under post ‘categories’ for “USA-made pet products” by scrolling down a bit on the right.

NOTE: Remember April 11th is our National Pet Day. Time for special pet treats!

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