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Adopt a Pet!

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It is coming up to that special time again to adopt a pet. Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is at the end of April, April 30th to be exact. So if you have been on the fence in this regard, go ahead and rescue an adorable kitty, or puppy, a bunny, even a turtle or tiny Dwarf African Frog. Just be sure that it is a lifetime commitment when you do adopt. I have linked to some questions to ask yourself in that regard at the end of this post.

Another thought, if you are a senior have you considered adopting an older animal or animals? Having a best pet friend to age with you might be a good fit for the two or three of you.

Pet Shelters

Some great Oregon shelters that I have mentioned in past posts are listed in “Event Days – Adopting a Shelter Pet“. Following I have written information on each of these groups’ adoption processes.

Oregon Humane Society

They have great pictures of cats, dogs, bunnies, even guinea pigs that are available for adoption with information on each animal. They are non-profit and use adoption fees to give continued service. For dogs the fees range from $55 to $600 at this writing. For cats adoption fees start at $25 up to $200. All fees are listed for each individual animal

You simply check out the animal and their information on line, then fill out an adoption questionnaire online, and set an in-person meeting date. If all goes well, you are ready to take your new friend home. If your animal has been spayed or neutered here, they already have a microchip.

The Pixie Project

Check out their FAQs with pictures and info on available animals. Fees are listed for the dogs which range at present from $300 to $500. Cats are listed at $100 to $243 for two.

You will need to download and fill out their application and mail or email it to them. Then i it is time to schedule a ‘meet and greet’. The dogs are on a 2-week trial basis before you can finalize the adoption. Pixie does provide supplies which you can purchase if you keep the doggy. No trial for kitties. All their animals are spayed or neutered, provided some vacciines (see their site), and given flea and worm treatments.

Note: If you have other animals, they need to all be spayed or neutered for this shelter organization.

Cat Adoption Team

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This group also has pictures with info on each cat available. You can either visit or apply online depending where the cat is located, at the shelter or at a foster home. All their kitties are spayed or neutered, provided with up-to-date vaccines, and microchipped. Fees range at present from $50 to $150 per adoption.

You can visit the shelter Tuesday through Sunday from 12 noon to 6 pm and fill out a short questionnaire or apply online.

Oregon Dog Rescue

The Oregon Dog Rescue does provide appointments for walk-in views. They ask that you look online or through their on-premise I-pad and have 2 or 3 animals in mind as they bring each animal out for viewing individually. You can fill out their adoption application online to start. Any animals you already have at home need to be spayed or neutered to adopt one of their dogs.

They will send an email confirmation for your 1 hour appointment. You will need to bring all family living with the animal to appointment as well as any other animals you will have living at your home for your meeting and interaction. You will also need your landlord’s approval in writing if you rent. If all goes well, you can take your new friend home the same day, as they do no “holds”. Their animals are all spayed or neutered and microchipped. The fees at present look to be $250 to $500 but I did not see fees listed on some animals.

Best Friends Animal Society

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Best Friends is the no-kill sanctuary in Utah with a network of shelters and rescue groups around the USA. They currently have 1600 animals up for adoption or sponsoring including dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, birds, pigs, and more.

They have excellent pictures and information on each animal along with the location of the animal. You can apply online and even schedule a 1 and a half hour tour in person or online. This group survives through their volunteers and donations.

Adoption Questions/Supplies

Check out some good questions to answer before adopting a cat or dog and a list of items needed for each in “Pet Adoption Questions“.

Additional USA Animal Welfare Groups

And see info on more excellent animal organizations around the country in “Pet Events-Animal Welfare”.

Animal Videos

From Big Geek Daddy see animals being rescued –

Next from Big Daddy is on shelter dogs –

And last is on animals saving people –


My hat’s off to you if you rescue an animal on ‘Adopt a Pet’ Day in the month of April or any day for that matter! Thanks for coming by Pet Viewpoint. Please do share our info with your pet-loving friends and family and come back soon. Hit the ‘Subscribe’ button to receive our weekly posts so you don’t miss some great tips and USA-made products and services for your animal friends.

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