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I want to reiterate a bit of information on a couple of pet events in the month of April, with special notes on Adopting a Shelter Pet.

Tortoise & Turtle Week

First a reminder that ZooMed.com’s International Tortoise and Turtle Week starts April 18th. If you’re into reptiles or just curious about these fantastic creatures, go take a look at their site for some great educational info.

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April Pet Days

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Secondly, April 19th is National Cat Lady Day. See “Pet Happening Days in April” for more April events.

About Rescuing a Shelter Pet

You know who you are! Already you are in love with your furry felines and are contemplating rescuing another. TuftsCatnip is your bible for feline tips on good care and training data. Also take a look at “New Kitten?” for more info tips.

One mention in a Tufts newsletter is noting if your cats are “part of the same social group”. They say you can tell just by observing your kitties’ interaction in playing together, or rubbing their tails on each other, and sleeping curled up with one another. So being part of the same social set is an important issue for cats living in the same household.

Should you be looking, one well-noted rescue site in my local area is CatAdoptionTeam.org in Sherwood, Oregon.

USA Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

I would like to point out that the last day of April is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. In a previous post I referred to some other well-liked local shelters. First and foremost is our Oregon Humane Society.org who places over 10,000 pets every year. Next is the Pixie Project.org in Portland, Oregon near the Oregon Convention Center. Also named was the Oregon Dog Rescue.org in Tualatin and Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon mentioned previously.

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If you are playing with the idea of rescuing a shelter pet, make sure it is something considered as a lifelong commitment, not something thought of on a whim. Ask yourself many questions about your lifestyle: your ability to pay for care, giving good training to a pet, and how you want to be able to interact. Will you have or make the time to teach and take care of your pet. And will you have time for play and exercise with your cat or dog?

Also check out my past post on “Best Animal Shelter Websites”.

And one other good topic to review is “Pet Adoption Questions“.

Do some homework and look into what you need for your pet and how and what care to provide. Check out the best training methods for your furry buddy too.

Adopting a Caged or Tank Pet

Do you feel that a bird or smaller pet in a cage works better for you? Would aquarium critters in a nicely decorated tank be a better option? If this is what you decide, go to your local pet store and talk to the specific representative taking care of the birds, or fish, or other cute creatures. Ask for their advice on the particular care needed and set up in your home space. They have the specifics you will need to know.

Then enjoy your pets and take good care in looking after them. They do actually look after you as well. Your pets will add to your well-being and life involvement.

Funny Pet Videos

Here are three videos to enjoy and share from Big Geek Daddy:

First on reptiles and amphibians: https://biggeekdad.com/2020/03/reptiles-and-amphibians/

Next is about a dog named Wendy: https://biggeekdad.com/2015/07/wendy-the-talking-dog/

And, last is about best pets of the year: https://biggeekdad.com/2021/07/best-pets-of-the-year-so-far/.


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