Pet Happening Days in April

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There are a multitude of pet happening days in April, but I do want to throw in a reminder for March to begin. You can refer back an earlier post: “March Pet Celebrations”.

Pet Poison Prevention Week

Danger sign

The week of March 21 thru March 27th, is National Pet Poison Prevention Week. Remember to take care what you feed your pets. Many things we take for granted to eat are poisonous to them…even onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, and chocolate to name just a few. See information on this in my previous post: “Time for Thanks with Natural Pet Food Treats “.

Pet Events in April

April 2

Now on to the month of April – from my Google search and information listings April 2nd (or always the first Saturday in April) is our pet Tag Day. This is a remembrance to pet parents for identification tags and microchips for our pets in case of a lost pet friend. If you have not ID’d your pet, this is a good time to do so before summer and holidays like Independence Day when many pets are lost or run away due to loud noises.

April 6

For all our cat lovers, this is National Siamese Cat Day and what gorgeous creatures and purring lovers they are! Not to worry other cat breed parents, there is a National Cat Day further into the year.

Siamese Cat
siamese cat

April 8

This is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. This probably still continues in some areas. It is a horrendous practice and abuse of animals for monetary gains, and unfortunately for some, sadistic pleasure.

It is also National Catahoula Day. The Catahoula is a natural herder and is said to originate from the Nordic Wolfhound. He is a good family pet but aloof around strangers and intense when working. A very handsome animal in my estimation.

Catahoula Dog
catahoula dog

As with the US designating a National Cat Day, of course, we also do have a National Dog Day for you canine parents of other dog breeds, just not in our pet happenings in April.

April 10

This is National Hug Your Dog Day. What could be better – National Hug your Pet Day! I believe this is an every day occurrence for pet parents.

Dog on owner's lap
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April 11

And, here it is, National Pet Day, probably the most major of pet days in April. A great day to acknowledge your furry friends, feathered friends, and swimming buds, as well as all others with some special attention and maybe a fun and yummy treat or treats. For all our pet parents, see ways to celebrate in “Celebrate National Pet Day“.

April 22

It’s National Cat Lady Day. I can’t wait to mention this day to my cat loving friend. I would like to become a ‘cat lady’ myself one day in the not too distant future, and I think I see my kitten of choice in the picture below.

Five kittens
five kittens

April 19

National Beagle Day. Beagles are known to be very high energy dogs who love to “follow their nose”. You definitely want to walk this intelligent, active canine.

Beagle Dog
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April 24

The Last Sunday in April is International Search and Rescue Dog Day. Those animals that help our firefighters and police save lives. See my post on these animals and their training in “Search and Rescue Dogs at Ground Zero“.

April 27

Always the last Wednesday in April is National Guide Dog Day. These animals are so very important to be the eyes and ears and helpers of many disabled folks. They certainly deserve their own day of recognition.

April 30

And on the last Saturday of April, we celebrate World Veterinary Day from the World Veterinary Association.

This day is also Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. During Covid those adoptions rose in quite large numbers. See “Pet Ownership in America“.

It is also a day to celebrate National Therapy Animal Day – more great life and happiness giving animals.

And, the last day in April to mention is for 4/30. This is National Tabby Day, another adorable kitty.

Tabby Cat and toys
tabby cat with toys

The week of April 17 through the 23rd is to be noted as Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week. It is so unfortunate and sad that cruelty and abuse of animals continues. If you can help in this regard with donations or in any way, please do so.

April is a month-long observance of Canine Fitness. Be sure to get your canines good exercise daily.

This is also National Adopt a Greyhound Month. Those are the guys that love to curl up on your couch but can run like a rabbit.

Greyhound Dog
greyhound dog

Observance all month too is of National Pet First Aid Awareness – the American Red Cross’ effort to bring attention to the need for pet first aid knowledge.

And, last mention for pet happening days in April is an awareness throughout the month of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Enough said.

And there you have them – quite a bundle of celebratory pet days in April. Enjoy with your pet buds.

If you are contemplating an early vacation, see my post “Pets on Vacation?”.

Funny Animal Videos

Before I go, here are a couple of fun videos from Big Geek Daddy:


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