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There are so many Pet days to celebrate in April and many in March as well. But National Pet Day on April 11th is the biggest for lavishing affection and attention on our pets. And following are pet ramblings on all my pets, past, present, and future pets of mine.

My past couple of posts mention all the fun celebratory days for cat breeds, dog breeds, pet activity and awareness days in “March Pet Celebrations” – and “Pet Happening Days in April“.

As mentioned above, the purpose of this post is to celebrate all my pets. There are many great sites on pets. Two that I especially like are Pet Age and The Bark, now labelled The Wildest. But here I mainly want to let you know about all of my lovely pets:

Pet footprints, dog, bird, frog, and cat

My First Pets

My very first of all my pet friends that I can recall was a very small lizard, then a small turtle when I was quite young living at home. We had a wonderful cocker spaniel, Tux, who I have written about previously. He was more my older brother’s dog though since they grew up together and spent more time with each other.

I wrote a fictional tale about Remembering Tux about a year ago in “Remembering Tux“. He was a great friend and a beautiful cocker.

My Rockin’ and Rollin’ Pet

After going out on my own I first adopted a cute kitty. This was a time when I lived in California in earthquake country. We had quite a large quake in the San Fernando Valley very shortly after I adopted Joss – a tabby cat. Poor guy was scared out of his wits and sunk his claws into my neck when I quickly picked him up during the hard shaking. Of course, he could probably tell I was not so ‘unshakable’ too.

With a large long crack appearing toward the top of my bedroom wall and getting no assistance from the apartment management, I decided to move quite rapidly, and did so with a friend into the Marina del Rey area and a smaller two story apartment dwelling. Unfortunately, I neglected to completely close our deck door one evening and Joss slipped out unnoticed.

I never could find my Joss until many months later when he came strolling down the path looking totally adult and well kept. Evidently someone found him nearby and was taking good care of my boy. So I let him go on his way.

Photo by u0418u0432u0430u043d u041fu0438u043bu044cu0433u0443u0435u0432 on

My Wild Pet

It was actually not just my pet but the household’s wild pet squirrel who adopted us. We named her Princess. She actually introduced us to her own wild family. Check out the story I wrote earlier entitled “A Wild Squirrelly Friend”.

Brown squirrel with bushy tail

My Holiday Pet

Next in line of all my pets was an adorable Budgie I received as a Christmas gift from my sis and her family inside her wrapped cage with trimmings. I named her Noel in keeping with the holiday.

She was green and yellow with a touch of bright blue by her beak. Noel was very affectionate after a time. When I decided to move out of California she came with me sitting in her cage all the way from Los Angeles proper on our drive to Portland, Oregon.

My loving budgie girl was with me for a full eight years. I miss her still. You can read about my pet birds in my post “Best Bird Friends“.

My Inherited Pet

My mother had adopted a full blooded Maltese just a month before she left our world. She had always wanted a pure breed pooch. He was a tiny, exceptionally cute canine with large sweet eyes. I pretty much raised her American Kennel Club guy. We registered him as Marjie’s Morgan of Malta.

He became my little protector and walk buddy. We visited many city parks, our fav being Sellwood Riverfront Park and walking on the beach area. Morgan Porgan, as I called him, was with me for eleven years. I still keep his picture nearby.

I have written about Morgan in 2020 here in my post “Walkin’ With Your Best Pet Friend”.

My Running Show of Pets

I started adding a Betta fish when Morgan was with me. The first was a pudgy little doll of a fish named Jewel. But I did not do well by my Bettas and lost them frequently, one after the other. My last try was a gorgeous blue Betta and I was told I could pair her with a Dwarf African frog. Well, that was not a good idea.

Dwart African Frog 167 x 163 best welcome 1
\tiny cute african dwarf frog tropical fish water tank

My betta became extremely aggressive and did not, at all, like sharing her space even with a tiny frog. He was named Georgy. The two of them even butted heads. Not long after that incident my betta passed, and I adopted Buddy, another frog, to befriend Georgy. They were great together. Even tried to have little froggies.

Georgy and Buddy lived with me for about four years. They loved being able to seclude themselves under their wee log.

purple betta fish on an aquarium
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

See my post entitled: “You? Operating an Aquarium?”.

My Multiple Pets

With Georgy and Buddy I decided to add another Budgie. Mainly I decided on the budgie, because when I spied her I fell in love. She was a very pale blue-green with yellow feathers on her head and, again, some bright blue near her beak.

She loved carrots. I had to grate them for her. She would come out of her cage occasionally and fly about, but it was not her favorite thing. Unfortunately, she was not around that long. Flu season came and I am afraid I passed it on to my birdie unknowingly. Even with the help of a bird vet I was not able to save her.

Skyli, as I named her, was with me and the frogs for just over a year.

My Present Day Pets

After my frogs, Georgy and Buddy, died, I was without pets for a bit. Then I went to the pet store and adopted two more Dwarf African frogs. I lost a couple right off the bat. One crashed his head on a sharp rock and another just passed on from I do not know what.

Currently I have Henri, and Marty. Marty is larger and Henri is very tiny. They love their plants to hide in or lay on and their leaves to sleep under. When I first got them, they liked to float and balance on the plants. Then I added a Nerite snail, striped guy, to help keep their tank clean. His name is Tigger. They have a bridge to climb over and sleep under and a log to hide in. All three do quite well together. Although Tigger does like to eat everything, including the froggies’ food. He is quite the little piggy.

They have been with me now for going on three years. That covers my past and present pet friends.

Nrerite snail 'Tigger' 240 x 180

My Future Pet

I am contemplating rescuing an older kitty and training her to walk with me. That is down the road for the moment. In the meantime I am gathering all kinds of information on training and caring for a feline friend. A great resource for kitty information is, from Tufts University which is noted as the 30th best vet school in the world.

I have actually written a couple of fictional stories about my future kitty. Read about “Callie – My Big Red Kitty“. And one more, “A Kitty Story of Callie“.


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