March Pet Celebrations

My Google search for March pet celebrations revealed some fun points mentioned by Readers’ Digest and Google both. See the information below. There appear to be many ways and days we can conjure up as pet holidays in March.

March 2021

March 2021 marked a year since Covid sent us inside to work from our homes and to socialize using Zoom and virtual meetings. With our national vaccination rollout for Covid we had hopes of a better summer 2022. And Covid resulted in a good increase in pet adoptions as reported earlier by Pet Age in one of my October 2021 posts entitled ” Pet Ownership in America“.

Did you adopt a new pet during Covid? If you think it is something to consider, look at some of the great rescue sites: “Best Animal Shelter Websites”.

March is known as the ‘war’ month since Roman times and the Ides of March when Caesar was warned of his fall. Also noted is that the majority of our wars have started during the month of March. Is it time to bring our fur buddies inside? Or, is it time to leave the guard dogs outside?

Pet Holidays in March

March 1

March 1st is national Welsh Corgi Day. My niece’s cute Winchester dog is a very cute Corgi. My niece is mighty cute too, guys! They love to hike and check out local dog parks.

March 2

On March 2 Scott Kelly, Astronaut, returned to earth after almost a year on the International Space Station. He set a new record for the longest uninterrupted trip to space. I wonder when a dog or cat might join the space ship travelers.

March 14

March 14th is when we resume our Daylight Savings Time, giving us more good walking time with our furry friends. On that note, take a look at my post on “Essential Accessories for Walking with your Fur Pal“. You will see some great USA-made collars, leashes, harnesses, and sets. You can check several options out online.

March Madness


March 14 through April 5th is March Madness…the best month for basketball. Thought of tying a colored-scarf matching your favorite team colors on your fur pal? Make your furry friend your home-team mascot!

March 17

St. Pat’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is here again on March 17th. In my last year’s post I showed some very fun pet hats, scarves, ties, and vests to help celebrate this day. You can see them here in my post entitled “Add a Touch of Irish to your Fur Pal“.

I use to celebrate back in my heyday in Los Angeles at Blarney Castle. And, a very fun time was had by all. It’s also the day the Chicago River turns green and many other celebrations take place across the country.

We also used to celebrate at a great Irish pub called Tom Bergin’s. I almost forgot about this place. It is near the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles.

If you are considering adopting an Irish dog or cat breed, check out: “Let’s Celebrate- St Patrick’s Day Fast Approaching“.

What a great way that would be to celebrate St. Pat’s Day and create your very own pet holiday in March.

March 20

March 20 the Vernal Equinox occurs when the sun shines on the equator giving us almost 50 percent day and 50 percent night. Our pets will be in heaven. They can run in their backyards to their hearts’ content or watch out the window endlessly. Or they might even give you ‘that look’ at the dog park. And then you extend their park play time!

March 21

Twitter Founded

March 21st is the day Jack Dorsey founded Twitter. You can see tons of our pets on Twitter and all over social media for that matter. It is easy to see from social media that we celebrate our pets in March and every month of the year. You can even find my posts on Twitter and on Instagram.

Dorsey came up with the idea, it is told, back in 2006. “He imagined it as an SMS-based communication platform.” His thinking was that it would serve as a spot where friends would keep up on each other’s activities and doings. He sent the first tweet on March 21, 2006. It read, “Just setting up my Twttr”.

Start of Pet Poison Prevention Week

March 21 through 27th is Poison Prevention Awareness week for our pets. See an article with great information on poisonous plants, foods, lawn products, etc. to our pets. Even grapes and raisins are bad for our dogs as is chocolate. There are many items you might not stop to think about. So do look over all the good information provided on poisons to our pets by the Animal Health

That pretty much covers our pets days in March with a few possibles added. Enjoy with your fur buds.

Pet Food Recall Notice

Please remember to check the site for any pet food recalls or you can subscribe to recall notices through Dog Food

Funny Animal Videos

I can’t go without sharing a couple of very fun animal videos:

The first is dogs getting wet –

Here’s a smart donkey from Big Geek Daddy:

And last is a hilarious dancing bird:


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