Pet Seasonal Allergies

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Pet seasonal allergies and skin care needs seem to bloom along with our glorious flowers in Spring. So I found a number of great remedies for pet allergies and skin care. Some of our animals need extra help with those problems. Below I am sharing some special USA-made and sourced natural products for good help to your fur buds.

USA-Made and Sourced Products

I mentioned a 2015 Nielsen study referenced by Pet Age in an earlier post of January 17, 2021. It noted that USA manufacturers are held to high standards and regulations, and that there are many great reasons to use USA-made products:

  • Good to use local USA farmers products
  • Easier to hold your suppliers accountable
  • Better for USA economy
  • Normally higher quality so last longer which reduces cost

You can read my January 2021 post mentioned above. It is entitled: “USA Pet Bedding Products”.

Read on for recommended assistance for pet seasonal allergies.

First a Note For your Aquarium

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API Fishcare of Chalfort, Pennsylvania by Mars Fishcare provides water conditioning. And, of course, water conditioning for your aquarium is needed year round. API also gives us their water testing products to ensure the water is safe for your swimming guys.

And Second a Note For your Pet Birds

Prevue Pet Products of Chicago, Illinois offers non-toxic, breathable, lightweight cage covers, and,

Playful Parrot of Sarasota, Florida produces natural bird toys for your feathered friend to help keep them allergy-free.

Next – Allergy Help for Pets

USA Cat Allergy Products

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DuckyWorld Products of Roseville, Minnesota makes organically grown catnip toys. They are produced with no pesticides or chemicals that might irritate your kitty, especially those with allergies.

Plus, Imperial Cat of Arkansas gives us natural cat toys and treats consisting of flowers, buds, and leaves.

For litter, Naturally Fresh by Eco Shell of Corning, California is a natural plant-based litter sourced from walnut shells.

And, Allergy Help for our Canines Buds

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Jones Natural Chews of Rockford, Illinois provides all natural chews with no preservatives. Their chews are also specific for your doggo’s size (small, medium, large). All ingredients are listed on their site. So you can be sure there is nothing included to which your doggy is allergic.

In addition, Vetericyn of Rialto, California offers dog supplements full of antioxidants and prebiotics. They also are made with vitamins and minerals for your Spring pet allergy help.

For both your Cats and Dogs

A List of USA Products for Allergy & Skin Care Help

Burt’s Bees Natural Pet Care Products says it all. They are formerly from Maine and now in North Carolina. Burt’s offers great natural grooming products for your furry friends. Terrific for having no harmful ingredients to which your pet may be allergic.

A California manufacturer, Earthbath of San Francisco, produces grooming products including shampoo, conditioner, wipes, and spritzes for good pet skin care.

And, NaturVet has been providing cat, dog, and equine supplements since 1994 out of Temecula, California.

Oxyfresh from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho gives us pet dental, ear, grooming, and nutritional products including vitamins and supplements, all non-toxic. They also have kennel and cage cleaning products available. Good for closing down any allergenic substances.

Pure and Natural Pet of Norwalk, Connecticut produces grooming, ear care, and dental care for your kitties and doggies.

Palmers of New Jersey has been giving us pet skin care products for 175 years. They are now E.T. Browne Drug Company.

Skout’s Honor from Oceanside, California offers tested probiotic grooming and wellness products for your furry friends. Those include products to keep any nasty red allergy bumps from occurring.

Sturtevant’s Vet Remedies has made topical probiotics for dogs, horses, and cattle since 1871 and now for cats since 2018. They started in Hartford, Connecticut and are now located in Bronxville, New York.

Take Advantage of Good Care for your Pets

Take advantage of some of the above-mentioned USA manufacturers’ products for seasonal pet allergies and skin care help. With all the comings of the season, your furry friend may be in definite need. As well as for some flea and tick products. See my post on that subject – “Best Flea and Tick Help for Pets”.

Additional Pet Care Tips

While you are looking also take in a post about dental care for our pets and USA manufacturers providing good help in that area. It is entitled, “Imperative Dental Care for our Fur Babies”.

One more post to check out with summer coming soon is “For our Pets in Summer”.

Pet Food Recall Notices

See Dog Food for recent recall notices you can subscribe to or check with the site to safeguard your furry friends.


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