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It is important to be aware of many products that are made in the USA mainly for our pets in summer.

Our USA manufacturers who produce and source their pet products here are assuring us of higher quality and safer products for our pets. And, they are adding more to our local economy through job creation and use of our resources. Also, because of higher safety standards and regulations in the USA, we end up paying less for longer lasting, higher quality products.

Because summer brings us much hotter than usual weather, our pets need some special attention. Those items I want to mention below are USA pet products for summer for our fur and feather babies.

Available for All our Pets in Summer

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If you are traveling – in the New York area you can catch a taxi ride for yourself and your pet through They say that they will be expanding in the near future.

For our Pet Birds

  • Bird baths – something to cool down in is a plastic, non toxic clip-on bird bath by Prevue Pet of Chicago, Illinois. Prevue has been around for over 100 years.
  • And cage covers – Larger for parrots which are loose fitting to allow for air flow and non toxic are available from Cozzzy of Arizona and Prevue Pet Products of Chicago, Illinois.
  • Next are small bird covered condos you can use in or outside of the cage. You can find these at My Safe Bird of New Jersey. Please note that they are washable.
  • Yummy fruit treats – gourmet fruit treat pellets are offered by of Illinois.
  • Lastly is Insurance – available for pet birds and exotic birds through Nationwide.

Summer Pet Products for Cats and Dogs

  • A definite need are travel water bowls – so important to keep with you even if you are only staying in town and going out for the day. American of Colorado and of Utah both offer collapsible water bowls.
  • Remember water bottles – Available in various colors and sizes through of New York. Their products are leak proof and durable.
  • And, good to know about are cooling beds and mats. K&H Pet of Colorado make raised beds, floor beds and mats to cool your pet in the heat. They also offer pet carriers.
  • Another important item is paw wax , especially important on hot tarmac streets. If the street feels too hot for your hand, it is too hot for your pet’s paws. Cooper’s Paw Wax is available on Amazon.
  • If you have a water-loving pet, life jackets are a safe and must-have product. I have not found any made and sourced, but recommended by The American Kennel Club are those by Outward Hound of Colorado and of France.
  • Another summer must are flea and tick products. of Texas produces all plant-based products to rid fleas and ticks.
  • Grooming wipes are good to have on hand for eyes and ears. You can find them by Angel Eyes of Florida. They also produce paw balms.
  • More grooming products, shampoos, conditioners, deodorizers are available from of California. These are all natural products. Plus we have all natural grooming products by Zeus and of Nevada and natural probiotic products by Scout’s of California.
  • Last but certainly not least is Insurance. insurance for cats and dogs is out of Idaho and was founded by a DVM.

Just for Cats

  • Something you cannot do without is a Litter box. But how about a self-cleaning box by out of Michigan and Wisconsin. Sounds more like a treat for yourself, but a clean litter box is definitely more fun for your kitty.
  • Then you, of course, will need litter and of California is walnut shell based.
  • A nice cool organic cotton bed might be just the thing to make your kitty purr. Cool, organic cotton beds are offered by Smiling Paw Pets of Wyoming. They also offer litter mats and airline carriers.

Just for Dogs

  • For those hot tarmacs for our pets in summer you could use some dog boots by of South Carolina. They offer all kinds, hot-street-specific are available.
  • A DIY Bath by Evolution Dog of Colorado at a location near you to cool off your canine friend. Evolution has 500+ locations for dog wash machines and it appears the norm price is just $10.00. Shampoo and towels are on site.
  • How about a day Care vacation. of Colorado is throughout the USA . They provide spa baths and grooming and day care as well as boarding.
  • And, for your own backyard you can purchase a Cooling Splash Pool. That is the name: from Indiana. What a great treat for your fur baby.

Another post will give you some great products on walking your fur pal: “Essential Accessories for Walking with your Fur Pal” .

One additional quick note: See my post on ‘How to Care for your Small Aquarium in Hot Weather” for some good summer tips for your swimmer buds.

That is quite a few goodies and great ways for our pets in summer to stay a bit cooler and happier. Take advantage and support our USA-made and sourced pet product manufacturers. And, please remember to keep your pet’s water dish replenished.


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