New Kitten?

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Are you considering rescuing an adorable kitten? Or have your already done so and are trying now to train your fur ball? See some important questions to ask yourself if you are about to adopt or rescue a cute kitty: “Pet Adoption Questions”.

Some good potty training advice is given by Dr. Elsey’s Marketing Director, Gina Zaro.

In order to connect the litter box with their need to potty, she explains, you would need to put the kitten in the litter box right after eating as they usually have the natural reflex action to potty at that time. Also she mentions it is a great idea to make sure the box is low enough for your kitty otherwise give them a step to ensure they can easily get into the box.

The more often you do the above action, the sooner your kitty will be automatically using your litter box. Happiness and peace for all!

Kitty Care Information Sources

Another good spot for information is Maddie’s Fund where you can actually get a certificate learning good information about caring for your feline pal.

Tufts Catnip is a great source for ongoing tips on kitties. You can subscribe to their online newsletter ( They are from Connecticut’s Tufts University, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, one of the top veterinary schools in the world.

Have a good time learning all about your furry feline baby and take a look at “October 29th – Meow!” about National Cat Day.

For some fun facts, check out “Curious Fact about Cats and Dogs“.

Pet Food Recalls

Remember to check with the site for pet food recalls to safeguard your fur babe or sign up for recall notices through

Fun Feline Videos

And I must share some good feline videos in this post. The following are from Big Geek Daddy: (Some very funny cat hats here.) (Showing how mighty cats seem to be.) (In awe – a brand new kitty.)


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