A Variety of Pet Topics

Since there are a number of things going on in our pet world, I want to introduce a variety of pet topics this week which are mostly unrelated but good to share. Upcoming Dog Show First a heads up, if you are a lover of the dog shows, a national dog show broadcast is scheduledContinue reading “A Variety of Pet Topics”

Insure your Pet

September is not only dedicated to Service Dogs but it is also Pet Insurance Month. Have you checked out all the options to insure your pet? In May of 2021 I posted on pet insurance reviews by Forbes Advisor in “Protection for Pets“. Here is an update so you can choose your best pet insuranceContinue reading “Insure your Pet”

National Dog Day / Cats with Dogs?

First and foremost, our USA National Dog Day is August 26th! Are you ready to celebrate your best fur pal? See some past posts of recommended USA products for your sweet furry baby below. Then read on about cats with dogs – living together. USA Dog Day Thoughts See “Agility Training-Your Dog?”. Does your furryContinue reading “National Dog Day / Cats with Dogs?”

Fur Pal Clothes

I am sure most of you will agree that we do love finding fun jackets and vests and other fun fur pal clothes either at our local retail pet store or online. There are so many fun choices for your sweet doggie and kitty. So let’s look at some great USA-made pet clothes and giveContinue reading “Fur Pal Clothes”

Sharing Fun Christmas Facts

Did you know that Christmas was not actually accepted in the United States until the early 1800s. And Franklin Pierce was the first US President to place a Christmas tree in the White House back in the mid 1850’s. I wonder if he had a cat or a dog or both to share his newContinue reading “Sharing Fun Christmas Facts”

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