Add your Sweet Pets to your Valentine’s Day Treat List

Valentine’s Day is a great time to add some fun and recognition to your lovable and loving birds, aquarium critters, and your fur babies.

For your Fur Pals

I recently heard about Dr. Marty Goldstein who has helped many celebrities’ canine friends gain good health with his freeze dried raw organ meat with added veggies and fruits in his dog food. The raw freeze dried organ meat retains the nutrients they need without being overly processed or containing corn, wheat, or soy or other fillers or chemicals…or, as he notes, none of the unnecessary grains. He also suggests that the raw freeze dried method is safer and much longer lasting than using raw food.

He also prepares the raw freeze dried food for your feline friends although obviously using a different selection of proteins appropriate for your kitty. Find him here:

Aside from being healthy and nutritious, the price sounds fairly reasonable.

If you are a sports fan, All Star of New Jersey offers USA-made licensed sports apparel for your fur pals as well as regular apparel. What a great idea for Super Bowl in February! Go Rams!

Burt’s Bees Natural Pet Care Products of North Carolina gives us great grooming products for our furry friends all made in the USA. of Minneapolis, Minnesota provides natural USA-made and sourced one-ingredient dog treats and chews.

Imperial of Arkansas offers natural cat toys, scratchers and treats all made and sourced in the USA.

For your Feathered Friends of Illinois gives us gourmet bird fruit pellets and other birdie friendly foods all made in Illinois. of Ohio offers natural deodorizers for cages, all USA.

And a must for your bird friends are USA toys by of Sarasota, Florida. provides Sheer Guard cage covers and skirts for your feathered bud, all made in the USA. They have been with us since 1984.

Don’t forget K&HPetProducts heated bird perch, especially during chilly times of the year for those c-o-l-d winter nights.

And for your Aquarium Fellas and Gals

Cobalt of South Carolina gives us their USA-made fish flakes and frog bites which my Dwarf African frogs do love. by Spectrum Brand Pets of Virginia provides all types of great aquarium equipment as well as nutritious foods.

Aqueon of Central Garden and Pet of California also have offered excellent USA aquarium equipment and food for over 40 years.

A new filter and, especially for winter, a new heater would be great treats for your aquarium critters. I have found that replacing my filter and heater annually works best for my small aquarium.

Also something decorative they can swim under or thru or hide under or rest on are fun additions and great to break boredom. You might find some fun decor at

For Additional USA-made Pet Treats

See “Time for Thanks with Natural Pet Food Treats“; and,

Delish Natural Pet Treats Made in the USA” .

Dog Food Advisor Notice

This is an article the above wrote on how to check dog food labels for inferior meat content ratio:

A Video for our Valentines

Big Geek Daddy shares another very fun animal video on HUGS:


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