Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids

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Possibly your fur pal has signs of anxiety because of past traumas. If your kitty runs and hides under the bed when you have a known visitor, or from one of the canine issues above, the same applies. Excessive licking is yet another possible indication of anxiety.

Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids are in order if your dog shakes or shows nervousness in new surroundings, i.e., a pet store, or when you have a known visitor. 0r perhaps your canine will not stop barking at a known visitor, then the poor fur babe needs some reassurance to resolve that fear. Pet anxiety symptoms might also show up in the form of panting or nausea. Possibly your pet shows aggression, or hides, it is possibly due to loud noises, like thunder or fireworks, or from separation anxiety. Rest assured there are quite a number of pet anxiety aids available.

So, can you see any pet anxiety symptoms in your fur pals? See the following for signs of pet anxiety and help.

Past Article on Signs & Aids for Pet Anxiety

I wrote about pet anxiety and useful pet anxiety products in one of my first posts in August of 2020, “Does your Pet Suffer from Anxiety“. I feel it is more than time to update that information. At that moment I was only considering anxiety vests or jackets and they do appear to work well. However, I am searching for one made and sourced here in the USA for safe materials. They offer your pet needed reassurance by ‘hugging’ them closely.

I have seen them work firsthand. Unfortunately, your dog or cat may have more severe issues with anxiety and you might want to check this problem out with your veterinarian.

Current USA-made Anxiety Product Reviews

In case the vests/jackets don’t work for you, there are quite a few other anxiety products available for our pets. I have found three good sites with reviews on dog and cat anxiety products. These are what I am sharing with you for recommended products made and sourced in the USA.

The 3 sites I have discovered are,, and These are all independent review sites who perform extensive research before choosing their best recommended options. Should you purchase a product recommended on their site, these companies are only paid as an affiliate receiving a small commission.

Cat and Dog anti-Anxiety Products


Best Reviews shows CBD oil as their best anxiety relief for cats and for dogs. Their first pick is USA-made Cornbread Hemp for Pets by of Louisville, Kentucky. It is said to have no adverse effects and contains coconut oil and hemp extract with corndog flavoring.

You are still cautioned to check with your veterinarian before usage, and also check dosage depending on your pet’s weight.

Terms: Cannabis – Hemp – Marijuana

Information to note sourced from Tufts Catnip: “We use the words cannabis, hemp, and marijuana interchangeably. In fact, they are different plants containing different compounds with different properties.”

“Cannabis is an umbrella term that covers various strains, including both hemp and marijuana. Hemp is packed with cannabinoids (CBDs) and low in THC. The opposite is true for the marijuana plant – it is loaded with THC and contains low CBD levels.”

“THC is the chemical compound with psychoactive properties. In other terms, THC has the power to make one feel “high”.”

Check out my post on “The Growing Trend of Pet CBD“.

Another possible concern for your pet is a lack of stairs to help them climb to your sofa or bed. This can be problematic for older or even smaller animals. See my post: “Pet Stairs – Reviews” .

More Anti-Anxiety Review Products

Anxiety Vests

Newsweek and Pet Place both hold anxiety vests as the number one and two anti-anxiety products respectively for dogs and for cats. of Vancouver, Washington offers their USA-made Therapeutic and Anxiety Front Body Wrap for dogs at $34 to $36 at the time of this writing. This body wrap is made of a soft, breathable material, is machine washable, and gives the hug intended for calming your fur pal of anxiety. They do have an extra small size which may fit your kitty. Sizes range all the way from xxsmall to xlarge.

Calming Collars

Pet Place likes calming collars as their first pick for felines. Sentry of Eagle, Idaho makes their calming cat collar here in the US. The calming collar reduces stress related behavior and fears and has a “slip-away buckle” in case it gets tightened unexpectedly. The Sentry collar retails for approximaely $19.99.

Soft Chews

Pet Place and Newsweek both mention soft chews respectively for cats and for dogs as their 3rd and 5th choices. of Williston, Vermont provides calming chews for cats made and sourced in Vermont – the 3rd pick for Pet Place. Safe for daily use. Check out the ingredients and usage with your Vet.

Newsweek checks USA-made and sourced Wild of Brooklyn, New York as their number 5 anti-anxiety product pick for dogs. Namely Wild One’s “CALM” Normal Stress and Relaxation soft chews supplement. Safe for daily use containing hemp seed powder, organic chamomile and organic passionflower. Again, check with your veterinarian and the dosage for your pet’s weight.

Newsweek opts for of Austin, Texas as their 7th product choice. Pet Honesty offers their USA-made Calming Hemp+ soft chews containing no wheat, corn, soy, chemicals, or GMOs. Again here it is a good idea to check with your veterinarian for your pet’s age, health condition, and weight before usage of hemp or CBD oil.

Toy Treat Dispensers

Another possibility to relieve some pet anxiety is a toy treat dispenser as Newsweek mentioned. It gives your doggo a bit of a challenge to get to the treat and thereby helps to calm your canine friend. You can fill it with good natural treats or even peanut butter. A good way to engage your fur baby if they have separation anxiety.

One USA-made and sourced company making such toys is out of Colorado. They have several to choose from including the durable rubber ‘grenade’ pictured here.

Those are some good local manufacturer products for you to check out and use to help your furry friends when and if the need arises.


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