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August 2020 Article: Pet Stairs – Does Your Pet Suffer When Climbing?

Back in August of 2020 I wrote one of my first posts on pet stairs- reviews and the importance of pet stairs entitled “Does your Pet Suffer When Climbing” . My post included different types of pet stairs and reviews by Best, an independent consumer product review site.

They analyze, research, and pick the best products for most consumers. Compensation is received by them only if you should choose a product recommended on their site.

Older or Smaller Pets?

If you have an older dog or cat who is not as agile as they once were consider helping them out with pet stairs. Or, you have a small animal that isn’t able to jump quite so far do invest a small amount in pet stairs for them. An animal with an injury will definitely need some pet stairs appropriate for their size and weight. Ramps are also available for vehicle entrance and exit.

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You do need to note the size and depth of the stairs and the overall durability if you have a heavier weight pet. Also the width and height of the pet stairs could be important for your fur baby as well as the surface material for grip.

Fast Forward to December 2021 Review Sites

Best studied 40 different models of pet stairs, consulted with 88 consumers, and performed 30 hours of research. Best came up with the picks that follow by USA-made pet stair manufacturers.

Another independent review site. The Spruce does extensive research and has been doing review research for over 20 years. They are paid only if you should purchase a product mentioned in their reviews.

The third review site I checked is They do rigorous research taking into account consumer reviews in their decision process. They are paid as an independent site as well should you purchase a product from their reviews.

Top USA-made Pet Stair Picks

Pet Safe

Pet Safe, part of Radio Systems Corporation, of Knoxville, Tennessee, offers Cozy Up folding dog and cat stairs. These offer good non-skid fabric on the steps, but no padding. Available at under $45 on Amazon. They are lightweight, easily set up, and made of a durable plastic good for weight up to 150 pounds.

All 3 sites agree that Pet Safe foldable stairs are in the top 10 for pet stairs in 2021. However some comments to note are that they are up to 20 inches high only and 16 inches wide with a rail. So take the measurements of your dog or cat into consideration. May not work for larger dogs. The steps are non-skid but with no padding if your fur babe is experiencing joint pain. These are recommended for smaller animals and high beds.

Cozy Pet

Cozy Pet manufactured by Dallas Manufacturing Co. and a Brinkman Pet Product out of Athens, Texas offers padded lightweight stairs for cats and dogs. This is 1 of 5 top pet stair picks by Best Reviews and My Pet Needs That. They are easy to move and the padding is easy on your pet’s paws. The width might be a problem at just 14.75 inches. The extra sturdy Dura Core cardboard construction is okay for up to 150 pounds.

Another great plus is that the cover is washable and the stairs are available with 3 or 4 steps. However, they are constructed of corrugated cardboard so may not be durable over a long period of time for a larger dog. Note that these stairs are most ideal for a 20 pound animal .They are fairly inexpensive… under $75 on Amazon at the time of this writing. So these may be easy on the pocketbook to replace as needed.

Best Pet Supplies

Another 1 in 5 top pick for USA-made pet stairs is from Best Pet Supplies of Jamaica, New York. Best Reviews considers these stairs as the most stylish and says they are well built and comfortable with mattress-grade foam padding. These also have a washable cover and the steps are adjustable. However they do caution that the stairs slide quite easily on hardwood floors. They are priced at just under $60.00 and available in several colors.

The Spruce agree on Best Pet Supplies as being one of the top pet stairs picks of 2021. They comment saying these stairs are great for large dogs because of their sturdy mattress-grade and easy-on-joints foam construction.

Our third reviewer, My Pet Needs That, also considers Best Pet Supplies foam stairs as one of the top picks, mentioning that the stairs are quite wide and have an anti-slip bottom surface.

Review Sites / Picking Stairs for your Pet

These sites mention other brands than those listed but none that I find are made in the USA other than Pet Safe, Cozy Pet, and Best Pet Supplies.

Again, you need to check on the stair width best for your fur pal, the weight and size of your pet, weight supported by the stairs, as well as the materials used for safety. Also consider your pet’s grip on the stairs, and ease on your pet’s joints when deciding what to purchase.

Do remember to check the height and width you will need for your dog or cat to reach your bed or sofa. And take advantage of great USA-made pet stairs .

Another important factor for your pet is insurance. See “Protection for Pets“.

Lastly, see some well-made USA products in “Essential Accessories for Walking with your Fur Pal”.

Pet Video

I am including a fun white Christmas pet video here compliments of Big Geek Daddy:

Pet Food Recall Notices

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