Easy Care Pets

Have you considered adopting a pet, only to rethink your decision and the time you would need to spend with that cute pet and the costs involved for their care? If that is the case, how about an easy care pet?

Small Aquariums

I’m talking about a small aquarium for fish or Dwarf African Frogs, turtles, or a dry aquarium for a Geiko. All of these small animals are quite easy to care for and they take up not that much time to keep happy.

Dwarf African Frogs

Of the above mentioned I have had fish and frogs and do have at present a Dwarf African Frog and a Nerite Snail to keep my small frog company. The frogs have a life span of just four years and the snails on average just one year. But if you happen to get a snail like mine, a Nerite snail, he is starting on his fourth year…who would have guessed?! My frog, Marty, has been with me just two years at this writing.

Dwarf African Frog in Aquarium
tiny cute african dwarf frog tropical fish water tank

Care and Equipment

What is great about these guys is they go about their business and I go about mine. I make sure to feed them…the snail daily and the frog usually every other day. And I do ‘talk’ to them in the morning, maybe afternoon, evening, and at bedtime. Other than that I have a good heater from Aqueon for their 5 gallon tank. To make sure it is operating at the right heat level I do have a thermometer that attaches to the tank with a magnet. And, they definitely need a good filter to keep their water cleaned and aerated with a bit of movement like Aqueon’s Quiet Flow Filter. You might even take a look at Aqueon’s starter kits.

Fun and Activity

Other than the above I have plenty of fun stuff for my water critters: a bridge to climb over and sleep or hide under; plus a log for same; silk plants to lay on top of; plastic floating ‘shrubs’ to catch them or to float on; and, good fish tank gravel like that from Estes. It is fun to add decorative touches and fun stuff for them to investigate. I have a miniature replica of a vintage deep sea diving helmet, for instance, which they can swim into.

Zilla and ZooMed, both offer fun aquarium decor, as well as your local pet store. You can also find setups for other types of small animals at Zilla and Zoomed.

Care Time

Care, beside feeding and proper tank equipment, is simple cleaning approximately one-third of their tank water once a week. And that small chore takes no more than an hour or so a week. See my past post on caring for your small aquarium entitled “You? Operating an Aquarium?”. Also talk to your local pet store and their top aquarium person for good information.

A small aquarium is good place to start if you’re short on time. And you can always add another pet at a later date. In the meantime, enjoy your wee swimming buds.

Funny Animal Videos

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