November is USA Senior Pet Month

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Yes, November is our USA senior pet month and senior pet adoption month as well. Is your fur ball approaching their later years? Or, would you benefit from adopting an older dog or cat? They have already been trained and are less likely to need as many walks or even that usual early morning walk. These older animals are ready to love and comfort you.

This is their special honoree time. So, with November being senior pet month in the USA it is a good time to check up on your fur friends with your trusted vet. If they are limping a bit, having a hard time in the potty arena, walking extra slowly, having a hard time chewing, and difficulty climbing, it is likely they are in need of some extra help and attention.

Ask your vet for advice on supplements for joint help like CBD products or look for a more easily digested diet or a softer diet. Provide them with a heated bed, a higher bowl so they don’t have to drop their head to eat, or some pet stairs to climb easily onto your bed or snuggle on your sofa or chair.

USA-made Products for Senior Pets

See some great options to help your senior cat or doggo in our National Senior Pet Month and beyond:

Wellness Issues

For help with joint issues, healing, digestive problems and more see Healers Pet of Vancouver, Washington for multiple wellness products, including their Turmeric for anti-inflammatory aid.

Another option is Wapiti Labs from Wolf Creek Ranch in Minnesota. They offer senior mobility supplements and more for both cats and dogs.

CBD soft chews and oils have been noted to help pain issues. Pet of Austin, Texas has calming hemp and soft chews available for dogs. Another choice is Kadenwood Brands of Newport Beach, California with their Purity Preferred CBD for pets.

One note on CBD usage is to be sure to talk to your vet in order to choose the correct dosage for your pet.


A good bath and brushing is a great way to help your pets feel great. Give Best Shot of Frankfort, Kentucky a try for their biodegradable shampoo and coat and skin care products.

Also give of Couer d’Alene, Idaho a shot with their top rated dental. grooming, and nutritional pet products.


See Pet of New York, New York for their USDA human-grade pet food subscription service.

Or check out Portland Pet Food Company for their human grade pet food meals and soft treats. They are in Portland, Oregon.

Stainless Steel Pet Food Bowl w/Stand

For a higher set food bowl so your dog or cat doesn’t have to reach down to eat, see Americat of Wexford, Pennsylvania for their stainless steel bowls on a stand.

Sleeping Quarters

A heated bed for winter or a cooling bed for summer may be in order for a senior pet. KH of Colorado Springs, Colorado has both for your kitties and for your doggies. They even have a heated perch if you happen to have a pet bird.

For large breeds you might consider Big Barker of Pennsylvania for their large breed handmade orthopedic beds.

Warm Winter Coats

Fall rain gear for dog

A senior might be in need of a good warm coat and you can find some great ones at Gold Paw of Hopkins, Minnesota for dogs for cold and wet weather.

An option for cats is Sassy Dog of North Hampton, Pennsylvania with options for both cats and dogs in coats and sweaters.

Help Climbing to the Bed, to the Sofa, to the Car

brown 4-step pet stairs-side view by Best Pet Supplies

A senior may be having difficulty getting up to where they used to climb or jump to easily. If that is your senior pet’s problem, please do consider some pet stairs from Best Pet Supplies ( of Jamaica, New York for their top rated pet stairs.

Another company with top reviewed pet stairs is Cozy Pet by Dallas Manufacturing Company of Athens, Texas.

You also might want to consider a ramp to get into your car from Pet, a Radio Systems company of Knoxville, Tennessee.


If your senior fur bud is having incontinence issues, there are USA-made diapers available also. See of Huntington Beach, California for their washable and stylish cat and dog diapers.

Adopting a Senior Pet

Older dog in Shelter 427 x 674

If you would like to adopt a great senior dog or cat do a Google search for good adoption services near you. And, you can also check out my post “Pet Events – Animal Welfare” for additional rescue info.

The following are four top rated services here in my local area of metro Portland, Oregon:

I hope the above information gives you the information you need to assist your senior pet and help to keep them comfortable and happy in their aging years. If you decide to adopt, cheers to you!

Animal Videos

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