December Pet Events

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December Pet Events

December pet events honor several species of pets. However, the entire month is National Cat Lovers’ Month.

About Adopting a Feline

An article in the December 2022 issue of Tufts Catnip talks about choosing a kitty for adoption based on their personality. They advise to take your time and visit the cat several times making up your mind in order to see how they respond. So, depending on what kind of interactions you prefer to have with your feline buddy. Do you want an active and playful kitty, or a more laid back cat who just likes to snuggle in your lap?

It goes on to say that a good idea is to ask the rescue attendees what they have noticed in the cat’s behavior if it has been with them awhile, and they may have information on the cat’s history. Also, that rather than a kitty, an older 7 to 10-year old cat may be a good starting point since their personality has had time to form and show itself.

In any event, if you are just now considering adopting a kitty you might check out Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon, and the Oregon Humane Society here as well if you are a local resident in my area. Otherwise, you can Google a great cat rescue in your own local area.

If you are a cat lover, December is your time!

National Cat Lovers’ Month

I guess that means Cat Parents need to treat their feline friends with extra special love this entire month, including Christmas! See some great USA-made and sourced fun product choices to spoil your kitty buds following.

USA Products for National Cat Lovers’ Month

Dr Pussums Cat Lover's T-shirt 300x300
  • First and foremost, is Dr. Pussums for the ultimate cat lover’s t-shirt, sweatshirt, magnet, or even a scrunchy in a cat design. Dr. Pussums of Turner, Maine also offers natural catnip toys. of Roseville, Minnesota also provides very fun organic catnip toys.
  • For great puzzle feeder toys see of Fort Lee, New Jersey. Imperial of Morrilton, Arkansas makes fun scratchers, plus toys, and treats.
  • For a natural, single ingredient kitty treat, look at Hauspanther available through Prime Time of Rockwell, Texas. Prime Time also has a variety of toys, beds, gates, and perches your furry feline will love. You can also check out Shameless of Somerset, New Jersey who offer some extremely yummy sounding kitty treats also aimed at helping our environment.
  • Lupine of New Hampshire gives us a variety of safe breakaway-collars with matching leashes in many jazzy colors and designs.
  • For elevated, heated, cooled, or just snuggly beds, see KH of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They also carry stylish window perches for your feline fur ball to enjoy.
  • Clever Cat of Florida makes top-entry litter boxes and liners. To fill your litter box with some good natural litter, try Naturally Fresh of California which is made with walnut shells. And to top that off, see Live Odor of Dallas, Texas for their organic, non-GMO litter odor control. Your kitty will love you even more!
  • Lastly, if you now have a senior cat who is having arthritis issues or having trouble jumping go to Best Pet of Jamaica, New York for their top-rated pet stairs. And, if your kitty has become incontinent, see of Huntington Beach, California for their pet diapers. They even have fun designs available.
Barkertime Cat Diaper 425 x 300

The above should give you some very fun choices to help spoil your kitty during our National Cat Lovers’ Month and even a little for yourself.

Other December Pet Honorees

It also shows December 2nd as National Mutts Day, followed on December 7th as National Horse Day, and lastly, December 18th as our National Fish Day. If you have any of these guys or girls as pets, remember to try to give them some extra love on their special days.

Funny Animal Videos

In honor of our special pet days in December, following are some appropo videos:

First is from Smorgasbord Magazine and words from the head household kitten –

One more on cats from Big Geek Daddy about a very talented cat –

I cannot forget our mutts, also from Big Geek Daddy –

Next on a ‘house’ horse compliments of Big Geek Daddy –

And last, also from our own Big Geek Daddy, to honor our fishies –

Pet Food Notice

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