Fall/Winter Pet Gear

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When Fall and Winter start coming on fast it is time to think about our best USA-made pet gear needs for the onset of colder weather. In fact, here in my local area, our rainy season gets close with the start of Fall so that is definitely time to consider Fall/Winter Pet Gear.

Outside Activities


To start it may be time to check out your fur pals’ leashes and harnesses. If they need replacement, now is the time. Check with Atlas Pet Company of Golden, Colorado if you need a very sturdy set with a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking for fun patterns for your doggy or kitty and no-pull, try Coastal Pet Products of Alliance, Ohio. Grip Harness of Lewes, Delaware offers a no-pull, personalized harness in several colors with a money-back guarantee so check this company out also. If you are searching for a very jazzy design in a collar and leash with a lifetime guarantee, see Lupine Pet of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. These are handmade of recycled materials.


If you are in a rainy area, take a look at the rain gear offered by Gold Paw Series of Hopkins, Minnesota. They offer rainwear in three styles and are available in many retail stores and online. Check out their all USA-made Rain Paw and Winter Paw styles.

For Cold Weather

If you are into sports, look in Matawan, New Jersey at All Star Dogs’ catalog for your favorite team or organization and name your favorite for your dog’s fun and cold weather pet gear. Or try Pendleton of Portland, Oregon and their colorful and warm, washable wool National Park Series for warm winter dog gear.

For paw protection on snow and for possible hazardous chemicals, use paw wax or balm through Vets Preferred , available also on Amazon. Their products are made in the USA but not all ingredients are sourced here however they are made in a FDA approved facility. Better yet, use paw protector booties from Healers Pet Care of Vancouver, Washington. Their booties are manufactured locally with just one small part from outside the USA at present.

Heading Inside

Remember to use some great natural wipes for those paws, and noses, maybe the ears too. See Jax & Cali for all natural wipes and good balms also.


It might be a good time for a shampoo with Earth Bath of San Francisco, California and their good natural USA products. They offer hypo-allergenic and oatmeal shampoos.

Treat Time

For your furry canine, check out Mika and Sammys of Philadelphia, PA for yummy chews and West Paw of Bozeman, Montana for great toys.

Your fuzzy feline will like DuckyWorld of Roseville, Minnesota for natural catnip fun.

If you have a feathered pet friend, go to Hoot n’ Holler of Alabama for entertaining and handmade bird toys.

Zilla of Wisconsin and ZooMed of California both offer great aquarium decor and fun objects to hide under or swim through for your water buddies.

Sleep Time

Sleeping Puppy
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A snuggly, warm, safe bed is in order for cold weather pet gear. If it is time for renewal in this area take a look at Big Barker of Pennsylvania if you have a good sized furry bud. If you want a heated or raised bed, check out K&H Pet Products of Colorado for your kitty or pooch.

For a cute snuggly bed you can also check out Jax and Bones of Baldwin Park, California. These fur baby beds are handcrafted in Los Angeles.

K&H Pet, mentioned above, also provides a heated perch for colder times for your cute birdie friend. And Prevue Pet Products of Chicago, Illinois offers lightweight, breathable cage covers necessary for your bird to sleep through the night.

Do remember a good heater if you operate an aquarium. See Aqueon of Franklin, Wisconsin for a good aquarium heater. They show several choices including preset, adjustable, submersible, and flat heaters for fresh water and salt water aquariums. Be sure to check for the correct gallon size you need.

Extended Indoor Time

One last mention is for eliminating odors in your space with your animals staying inside that space a bit more. See Nilodorpets.com of Ohio for great USA-made solutions for your litter box, bird cage, and pet carriers.

Welcome to Fall and Winter.

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