USA Senior Pet Month = November

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USA Senior Pet Month = November

Dog Senior red and white 450x450

With USA Senior Pet Month celebrated in November each year I want to show some sites with handsome, adorable senior cats and dogs available just for you, should you be looking. What could be better than a dog or cat already trained and ready to be your best friend? If you are older yourself, what a great complement for your lifestyle.

And not only is November our Senior Pet Month but later in the month, the 20th to be exact, is designated as our National Adoption Day. Adopt a new senior pet! What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

I have mentioned Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in previous posts, the no-kill sanctuary in Utah. Looking through their site at this writing, they show 53 very distinguished looking senior cats of all colors, both short hair and long hair, including a couple of Siamese and a Manx up for adoption. They range in age from 10 years to 20. A couple of their sweet kitty cats are shown below.

Best Friends long hair Manx 200x200
Best Friends Domestic short hair 200x200

For senior dogs they show 75 guys and girls ranging in age from 7 years to 15. These handsome doggos are of many different breeds including Bull Dog, Catahoula, Border Collie, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Chihuahua, Chow Chow, Labrador, Boxer, Shepherd, Hound, Cattle Dog, and more. A couple of their very cute canines are shown below.

Best Friends Shepherd mix 200x200
BestFriends Hound Pointer mix 200x200

Best Friends also has several other types of animals like bunnies and horses. Take a look at their site linked above.

Cat Adoption Team

Specifically for cats, the Cat Adopton Team is a local group to me located in Sherwood, Oregon. At the present they only show one senior up for adoption and she looks like quite a doll, Andi. They have quite a number of young cats and kittens. Here is Andi >>

Cat Adoption Team Senior Andi 11 200x148

Oregon Dog Rescue

Tualatin’s Oregon Dog Rescue has just one senior dog available at this writing. And her name is Annie, adorable, and 10 years old. As with the smaller rescue for cats, Cat Adoption Team, they appear to have a much larger number of younger doggies. See a special Annie here:

OR Dog Rescue Annie 10 Senior Lab

Oregon Humane Society

The Oregon Humane Society, like Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, rescues both cat and dogs plus smaller animals and farm animals. In our search for senior cats and dogs we only find one senior dog today, but a total cutie. They show 10 year old terrier/chihuahua mix, Lemmiwinks. See how cute he is for yourself>>

OR Humane Soc Senior 10 terrier/chihuahua mix Lemmiwinks

The Pixie Project

The Pixie Project of Portland, Oregon rescues both cats and dogs. They show one senior red kitty named Connor who has an adoption pending. They also have a number of courtesy photos for adoptions through individuals. Probably best to call this group direct for any more information on seniors.

The Pet Finder

Other than rescue groups known to you, The Pet Finder app gives you the option of finding the best information for your local area for pets.

Additional Info

If you should decide to adopt a senior pet, take a look at my post “Pet Adoption Questions” for some good reminders.

And do check out my past post “November is USA Senior Pet Month” for some USA-made product info to benefit your senior best pet friend.

One more post to consider for additional rescue resources is “Pet Events – Animal Welfare“.

Pet Food Recall Note

A note to alert you to recent recall notices for pet food. Remember to check your site for information to safeguard your furry friends.

Funny Animal Videos

First in line from Big Geek Daddy is about a canine retirement home –

Second in line is a dog saying “no” –

Lastly, we have a fun video about cats –


I am happy to be back after being a bit sick and having a bum leg for the past few weeks. So thank you for stopping by Pet Viewpoint. Please do leave your comments and subject suggestions down below on the left where indicated.

Hoping to see you again soon. Remember to ‘subscribe’ so you do not miss any fun stories, great USA-made product and service recommendations, and researched care articles to help your fur bud stay healthy and happy.

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  1. Now that I know that it’s Senior Pet Month, I will spoil my three senior cats, Leonard, Bert and Wiket even more. All the videos were great. I look forward to them.

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