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Pet Viewpoint Revamped

Welcome back to our pet blog with Pet Viewpoint revamped!

National Pet Bird Day/Service Dog Month

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Today, September 17th, is our National Pet Bird Day. So for all you bird parents and bird lovers, celebrate your feathered friends in a special way this day.

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It is also National Service Dog month throughout September. A good time to give special attention to your service dog and honor them with lots of hugs and kisses.

Petco News for Lost Pets

Pet Business reported recently on Petco’s new reporting app to help find our lost pets. It was in their August 2023 issue linked for your information here: Petco partners with Ring to locate lost pets. It sounds like a great app to take advantage of if needed or also to help a friend or relative with a lost pet friend. Take a look.

Pet Food Recalls

Remember to check our site for information frequently as it appears more recalls have recently been occurring. Note that Dog Food Advisor does offer an email recall notice subscription and they do have both dog and cat food info at present.

Funny Pet Videos

Enjoy amazing hummingbird facts from Big Geek Daddy –

And, in honor of service dogs month, check out a service dog and a kitten –

Last is about the secrect world of owls –


We will be back soon with much more. Thanks for stopping.

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2 thoughts on “Pet Viewpoint Revamped

  1. Thank you for the latest information, especially the lost pets. All the videos were great. I loved the owl one. It takes place close to where I grew up.

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