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Dear Pet Mom or Dad:

You know you want the very best for your furry friends.

We want to show you just how to keep your best pet friends Healthy, Happy, and Active. And, we guarantee your dogs are going to love the process as much as you do. Keep reading to catch hold of our 100% risk FREE coupon.

How many pet foods have you tried?…5 – 10 – 15? With all the recalls out there we are sure that you check the ingredients you are giving your best pet friends as we do. It is confusing, to say the least, with so many brands to choose from and so many new pet food companies coming online every other day.

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Well known brands such as Blue Buffalo, Hills, Purina, and Merrick (to mention just a few) have all had recalls…most of which are voluntary recalls, of course, and all monitored by the FDA. One most recent is a mold toxin called Aflatoxin. This was a voluntary recall in September of 2020 by Sunshine Mills which can cause illness and even death. Another voluntary recall by Hill’s Pet Nutrition in 2019 was for excessive Vitamin D which can lead to kidney failure and, in some cases, even death.

Also, foreign-sourced pet food like that sourced from China has been in the news quite a lot…and was the start of the excessive Vitamin D problem in 2018. And the recalls are, unfortunately, all too common…on average there were recalls every 10 days in 2018.


Allergies continue to be problematic for our pets too. Corn, soy, and wheat have all been linked to causing allergies in some pets…even peas, but not nearly as widely allergenic as corn, wheat, and soy.

Web MD lists soy and wheat as common pet allergies.

Dog Food Advisor (https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-industry-exposed/dog-food-corn/) shows that corn is highly glycemic meaning it can cause a rise in blood sugar. It is rated on the glycemic scale at 69 as opposed to brown rice at 55. Corn, they state, is also hard to digest unless ground extremely fine. And it is mainly used as an inexpensive filler food.

Cesar Milan, the famous Dog Whisperer, rates corn as a common allergen.

So your label reading efforts have definitely been a plus for your animals. However, we at PUPTASTIC NATURALS want to enable you to discontinue your search and endless label reading.

Picture continuing feeding your pet a food containing corn, wheat, soy, or another allergan and seeing his symptoms continue to grow and worsen…constantly itching or getting hot spots. Not an issue you want for your pets.


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That’s why we are coming to you today to show you exactly how to keep your beloved pets Happy, Healthy, and Alert. And keep you away from that monotonous label reading and searching for your pet’s best answer for treats and food. And, again, you have our guarantee that your fur friends will love our answer too.


We are Ben and Emily Tanner and we started this business out of our kitchen using all USA sourced ingredients and all Midwest USA farms who follow healthy and organic, chemical-free practices for raising their livestock and produce.

PUPTASTIC NATURALS by FURRY FRIENDS produces the Only dog treats made in human-grade kitchens. All our products are made to FDA standards and qualify for human consumption. You see we have several dogs and cats of our own who we treasure as members of our family.

Our mission is to continue providing the safest, healthiest…and tastiest…food and treats for your pets that we possibly can. We believe in supporting our local farms who use 100% organic practices. We Never use cheap fillers or chemical additives.

PUPTASTIC NATURALS (www.puptacnaturals.com) is AAFCO and FDA 100 percent approved as natural pet food. PUPTASTIC NATURALS has been producing USA farm-fresh, organic, chemical-free dog and cat food and treats for over 30 years and does actually exceed AAFCO and FDA safety standards.

Our company is FURRY FRIENDS NATURAL PRODUCTS, INC. from Grayslake, Illinois, just north of Chicago.

We are coming directly to you today because we want you to know why our long-time customers use PUPTASTIC NATURALS to keep their pets Happy, Healthy, and Active.

With over 30 years of trust our Natural treats have meat as the number 1 ingredient:
⦁ No corn
⦁ No wheat
⦁ No soy
⦁ No animal by-products (which may contain bits of beaks/feet/bone)
⦁ No chickpea flour

Puptastic Naturals Ingredients

Our treats always have meat as the number one ingredient, meaning that meat is the largest ingredient portion in our food and in our treats. Your options are all 100% USA sourced from our Midwest farms:
⦁ Chicken
⦁ Turkey
⦁ Lamb
⦁ Liver
⦁ Beef

Additional ingredients are 100% natural, organic USA sourced as well:
⦁ Eggs
⦁ Starch source – Brown Rice / Potatoes
⦁ Healthy nutrients and fiber – Carrots / Green Beans / Pumpkin /
and Sweet Potatos.

None of PUPTASTIC NATURALS ingredients are likely to cause an allergy or upset tummy as are corn, soy, wheat, or by-products.. Just the good stuff from PUPTASTIC NATURALS for your best pet friends.

Oven Baked Treats

Our bite-sized treats are oven-baked. They retain more flavor, more nutrients, and more vitamins than do freeze-dried pet foods. Just picture the difference of sitting down to your freshly steamed farm-fresh green beans or your re-hydrated steamed freeze-dried green beans. And, of course, you want to be sure any freeze-dried foods have been hermetically sealed to keep out bacteria.

Oven-baked foods and treats are easier and safer to store and maintain than are raw foods…which may last for a much shorter period of time in the fridge and are definitely higher in price and quite difficult to take on a walk or car trip.
And, to reiterate, our treats are rated by the FDA for Human Consumption.

Vitamin E

We add Vitamin E for your pet’s health — a proven antioxidant. According to the Pet Food Institute (PFI):
“Vitamin E is identified as an essential nutrient for both dogs and cats and is provided in complete and balanced pet food. It is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning that it is stored in the body’s fatty tissue and liver, and supports immune function and the ability of the body to form red blood cells Significantly, Vitamin E is also a major antioxidant that supports pet health.”…

The Pet Food Institute, of which we are a member, is a great organization who tells you how to correctly understand pet food labels (https://www.petfoodinstitute.org/about).


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It is good to be knowledgable about AAFCO, Association of American Feed Control Officials. This is the organization responsible for feed regulations and for providing protection for consumers and the regulated industry. Their major function is safeguarding the health of man and animals as stated on their website: http://www.aafco.org. And along with the FDA, our Federal Drug Administration – where you can check on food recalls – we have our safety standards set for our food products.

Another organization, of which PUPTASTIC NATURALS is a member, is The Pet Sustainability Coalition (https://petsustainability.org/about-psc). Their core values are set out on their website. They are a non-profit organization and…”operate with transparency to our members and to the public so that they can hold us accountable for what we do and how we do it…”


Just to put your mind at rest here are a couple of comments from both our local veterinarian and the Managing Editor of The Bark Magazine:

Sam Karovski, DVM, says: “In the overwhelming sea of dog treat choices out there, it’s important to find a truly healthy snack for dogs. I’m very impressed with the integrity of your business and I recommend Puptastic Naturals to all my clients looking for healthy treats for training or anytime.

We are proud to have been one of the first veterinary clinics to carry your products. We endorse only the healthiest, safest products, and Puptastic Naturals is at the top of our list.”

Julia Henriques, Managing Editor, The Bark Magazine (now “The Wildest”), has this to say: “Here at The Bark we receive lots of questions and comments from our readers and have heard from several about your Puptastic Naturals treats and food. They especially comment on how their pets, both cats and dogs, love your treats and beg for more. They do also say that their pet friends are healthy and have suffered no allergic reactions or any kind of tummy issues with your treats. In fact, some mentioned that their pets seem more alert since using your pet food products. We are proud to display Puptastic Naturals’ ads in our publication.”

Customer Reviews

Harry Morgan of Black Butte, Montana: “A good friend of mine here in Black Butte recommended Puptastic Naturals to me when two of my dogs came down with itchy dry skin. That was back in 2008 and I went from using their crunchy treats to their dry and wet food for my dogs. I have a total of four.”’

“Thanks Puptastic Naturals for providing my ‘guys’ great food and treats. No more dry skin issues here.”

Mary Anderson of Corpus Christi, Texas comments: “I grew up in Grayslake and my parents used Puptastic Naturals to feed our cat and dog. Their coats were shiny, their skin healthy, and they did just great on Puptastic Naturals.”

“I have carried on the tradition with my own fur pals. I used the crunchy bite-size treats for training my pets and now just for good treats. They seem to love Puptastic Naturals and it loves them too.”

Sylvia Blaine of Grayslake, Illinois, reports, “I moved to Grayslake with my husband and daughter just five years ago tomorrow. We found out about Puptastic Naturals when our Australian Shepherd came down with an allergy to peas. I never realized how many dog foods contain peas or that quite a few dogs are allergic to peas.

My local boutique pet store recommended Puptastic Naturals. Am I ever glad I found this brand of treats.”

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⦁ Five different flavors: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Liver, and Beef (all in our normal 32 ounce treat box.
⦁ All oven-baked and loaded with farm fresh ingredients and nutrients from the USA.
⦁ All including Vitamin E and delicious meaty flavors.
⦁ Great treats for training or anytime treats to keep your furry Friends Healthy, Happy, and Alert.

Order today to take advantage of your new all natural dog treats. You have nothing to lose.

And, never search online or in-store again for your best pet food and treats for your furry friends. Go to http://www.puptacnaturals.com and receive the additional assurance of that 100 percent Money-Back Guarantee. Use the code listed on your risk FREE coupon when you order.

Our professional customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, CST, 9am to 6pm.

Did we mention…you also receive FREE Shipping.

If you prefer, head out to your local natural pet food boutique this Afternoon and grab our offer there. You can find a list of stores near you on our website. Just remember to bring your risk FREE coupon for the store personnel


Ben and Emily Tanner, Furry Friends Natural Products, Inc.

P.S. Do remember our offer is good Only through the end of this week and Only as long as supplies last. And here’s to your pets becoming Healthier, Happier, and more Active.

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