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Int Des Danish Sofa 456 x 304 best Portfolio pg 9

Here you are with a blank slate to decorate any way you wish – your own place. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What colors do I like to wear that complement my complexion?
  • What shapes, textures, and patterns give me pleasure or make me smile?
  • Do I like small spaces or more wide open vistas?
  • Do I enjoy going through antique shops or prefer modernistic furniture marts or traditional furnishing stores?
  • Does shopping tire me out or invigorate me?
  • Do I like lots of knickknacks and personalized spaces or sleek no-nonsense lines?

The questions above are a few you might ask yourself before plunging ahead and spending on throw pillows, paint, art, and furnishings you might later regret purchasing. Or, you might choose to consult an interior designer to help with these choices. In that case, you will have your thoughts and preferences on hand to help the designer bring you the very best result for your space.

Hire a Designer?

The nice thing about using a designer is he or she can pick and choose for you and not use up all of your time doing so. Also the designer has the easier option of returning and choosing another item for you, if need be. And, of course, the designer you have chosen (after looking closely at his or her references) has good experience, know how, and resources in this field.


If you decide to venture forth on your own, here are a few hints to make your project a little easier.

Sticking to neutral colors in your living and dining areas will not only be relaxing but will be easier to change up with different accessories, i.e., throw pillows, art, knickknacks, or area rugs.

You can go crazier with color in your bedrooms, family room, baths, party room, or kitchen.

Finding fun accessories is much less strenuous than buying a new couch or dining set. And, you can find throw pillows and knickknacks in many retail locations: Burlington Coat Factory, Pier One, IKEA, Bed, Bath & Beyond, JC Penneys, Target, Ross Dress For Less to name a few.

You might also locate linens and bath items at the above mentioned retail sites – even candles and fun dishes at some Dollar Tree stores.

If you like local festivals keep your eyes peeled for great local art and fun pieces of decor.


In choosing furnishings, do you appreciate heavy pieces or lighter Danish type lines, traditional or period pieces as Queen Anne or more ornate like Rococo? You might like an eclectic combination of furnishings. See an example of a Traditional and antique furnished living room below and another of a Danish furnished living room following.

Int Des Traditional Rm 417 x 278 best Portfolio pg 9
Int Des Danish Room 409 x 273 best Portfolio pg 9
  • Do look through the many antique stores in your area. Do not forget lamps. They can add not only needed light but also mystique when you want it.
  • In bedrooms and baths I recommend cool colors – blue and greens mixed with white and other neutral colors like gray, black, or tan. But, that is because I tend to sleep very warm and I most definitely tend toward blue tones.

Decide what makes you happy!

If you find decor is just not your thing, definitely go to Google and do a search in your local area for interior designers. Look at their credentials and references. Check out their decor styles and then set up an interview to see personality and choose. If possible, personal references are usually your best bet, but do check out your friend’s decor, too, before taking his or her advice!


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