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Does your cat or dog have trouble climbing onto or off your bed, your couch, your vehicle?My little dog did.  So sorry I never even thought to purchase PET STAIRS!


These stairs come in all different sizes, shapes, materials, even colors.  I believe I would have preferred the foam stairs with a washable cover like the ones shown above.  Mainly, because of less stress on his joints and paws jumping onto the foam–and, of course having a cover I could launder when needed.

This particular model is for a 20 lb or smaller dog.  It’s lightweight to move around or use in  another location.  It has a furry beige cover with solid brown side panels.  As far as color choices, the majority of stairs come in beige, gray, or brown.


These provide so much more ease on your pet’s joints–especially if they are getting older, and/or are just having trouble climbing or jumping. 


Sizes are available in extra small through large in the covered foam (some with removable covers), wood (more expensive), tough plastic (with non-skid panels), and carpeted materials. Anywhere from 2 stairs to 5 or 6 stairs are available through various manufacturers.  And, a few stairs and ramps are folding models for easy transport or storage.  Ramps, yes, larger ones are available for your dog or cat to enter or exit your automobile.

Pricing looks like it starts at $25 for a small stair and goes clear up to $100, at this writing, depending on size and material.

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If you have decided to help out your furry pal, take a look at Best Reviews of pet stairs to get factual researched knowledge on several different manufacturers and their available styles, types, and sizes– https://www.products.bestreviews.com/best-pet-ramp-stairs .  Their research shows:


“We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

16 Models Considered

 68 Hours Spent

 1 Expert Interviewed

121 Consumers Consulted”

You can see from Best Reviews figures how numerous your choices are to assist your best pet buddy.  Check them out and make sure you have the correct fit for your dog or cat.  

Size is Important

Make sure to measure the height of your bed or sofa, etc.   Also be aware of the width of the steps that will work best for your pet.

Then enjoy watching them easily climb up and down! I bet you will see a tail wag or hear a purr.

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