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Welcome to my site: Pet Viewpoint! I am Tricia Perry, contract copywriter extraordinaire. My goal: provide my USA-made pet product manufacturer, pet product retailer, and pet service clients with the words that will set you apart from your competition, stand you far above the norm, and perform beyond your expectations. I offer my services to those pet industry companies located in the western and central USA.

And, of course, I love pets having had several of my own and want nothing but the best available USA-made products and services for them. You can see my posts about my own furry, feathered, and swimming best buds under the Post Category “My Pets” on the right side of my Welcome page.

AWAI Verified Copywriter

What I bring to my clients is the ability to talk to your prospects as friends and stir their emotions, passions, needs, and interests with logic to take the necessary action to say ‘yes’ to your offers, your products, your services. I am proud to share, with the insignia above, that I am a verified copywriter with American Writers and Artists Institute.

Sales & Marketing Experience

And this is why I have chosen the pet industry as my niche. It is an industry where I have enjoyed several years of successful sales and marketing experience. I have had the privilege to pet and ‘talk’ to many wonderful dogs, cats, birds, fish, amphibians, and pet parents. Now I am enjoying writing here for my pet blog and promoting USA manufacturers’ pet products and USA pet services on my blog and their own.


My background: Degree in Business/Real Estate. Several years of successful experience in Sales and Marketing. Most recently engaged in sales and marketing for the Pet Industry. Also schooled in Interior Design, decor is my one of my favorite past-times along with pets, crafts, and gardening.

My diverse background includes the Pet Industry, Advertising, Interior Design, Real Estate, and most recently, Retail marketing. All my past sales and marketing experience has given me great resource knowledge.

For a bit more information you can see me on Linked In.

Free Virtual Consultation

I would like to mention that I am happy to offer a free virtual consultation. Please click on some of my many posts, more of my writing shown in my Portfolio, and check out my Client/Reader Comments and Testimonials.

And do use my Contact page to give me your comments and questions or go to the comment section at the bottom of any post. Call or email me today for your free consultation and let me bring your product to life in an optimal product review and blog post to pull in your prospects and create more sales.


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