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fireworks blue rocket 600 x 600

Our Independence Day is looming…coming on fast. Great fun with fireworks, and friends, and picnic dinners but also loud noises, fire danger, water danger, and lost pets continue to be a problem. So let us take some safety measures for our pets and also enjoy all the celebratory pet toys and fun for our USA holiday.

Safety First

Mentioned in previous posts for our pets’ safety are pet life jackets, not all pets can swim or swim well or your pet may come across an obstacle. The noise creates much confusion and stress in our pets, some more than others. Consider some calming natural hemp pet chews or purchase an anxiety vest. Be sure your pet is inside and secure during this time. If your pet has to go outside, stay with them and make sure they get safely back inside.

Check out “Pet CBD Usage Growing?” for good calming products.

Whatever you do, do not leave your pet in an automobile in warm or hot weather. See the chart in “Summer Pet Tips“.

USA-made for Pets for the 4th of July

July 4th Fun for our Aquarium Critters

Estes of New Jersey has many colored gravels available for your fish tank including red, white, and blue like those pictured below. Other than that, American made for July 4th seems hard to find in small aquarium decor products.

For our Feathered Buddies

Check out HootnHoller Bird Toys from Alabama. These are handcrafted to keep your bird friend from boredom. See the USA snack tray. They also offer a fun USA activity wall.

Red HootnHoller bird snack tray toy 220 x 293

Next you will see a fun corkscrew toy for smaller birds from A&E Cage of New Jersey;

Lastly, take a look at a Sheer Guard bright red and a bright blue cage cover by Kansas Creations to fit in for our July 4th celebrations:

Red Bird Cage cover by Kansas Creations 383 x 500
Kansas Creations Blue Bird Cage Cover 366 x 500

July 4th Fun for our Kitty Cats

Dr. Pussum’s of Maine gives us their patriotic party pack and it looks perfect for your July 4th kitty celebration time:

For a fun red catnip fortune cookie see one by UpCountry of Rhode Island pictured:

And from DuckyWorld’s Yeowww catnip see their red and blue crayons filled with their natural catnip:

One last item for your feline bud is a an over-sized red Scratcher from Imperial Cat of Arkansas shown below:

Celebration Dog Toys

American Dog of Colorado has July 4 celebration written all over it. See their red, white, and blue frisbee followed by their catapult cage below:

American Dog toy July 4th frisbee 480 x 480
American Dog Toy for July 4 called catapult 480 x 446cage

The above should give you plenty of choices or look at each site for more ideas yourself, and enjoy your Fourth of July with your pet friends by keeping them happy and safe too.


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