Time to Celebrate-Your Special Valentine or Valentines?

You know how hard it is to find that special Valentine gift for your significant other. You want to choose something just right and oh so memorable. How about including your pet pal in the festivities on Valentine’s Day?

Your pet babies love your attention and extra goodies to make them happy at an added time other than the red-letter birthday and Christmas treat times would send up some appreciative meows, woofs, tweets, maybe even a happy glub-glub. So why not include these guys in your fun Valentine festivities. You know you will be rewarded whole heartedly.’

Suggested Pet Valentine Treats – USA-made and sourced

For Canines

I found a great ‘Strobe’ ball from Planet Dog. Made in the USA. Every time you bounce it the ball lights up and continues blinking fun colors. I believe your dog will love it…a real attention grabber and great dog Valentine’s day toy. They make the tough Orbee Tuff toys for dogs…for over 20 years. If you would rather go for a good USA made treat, try Dr. Dalton’s Dog Treats of California.

For Felines

How about your kitty. K&H Pet Products of Colorado make a kitty sill perch listed in the top ten kitty beds/rests in USA made cat bed products. They are known for their heated beds for both cats and dogs. Can you just see your cute kitten snuggling on your window sill and enjoying watching the birds outside.

For your Birdy

You can’t forget ‘tweetie’ bird. Consider a great night time cover. If you have a small bird, try My Safe Bird Store of New Jersey where they offer USA made small bird condos, washable and adorable. They can fit inside or next to your bird’s cage. They love their night time private sleep time and what better than their own cute condo. Or, if you have a larger bird like a parrot, you might go thru Cozzzy Cover of Phoenix, Arizona whose dome top cage covers are rated in the top 4 USA made cage covers.

For your Aquarium Buddies

Your aquarium buddies will be jumping for joy if you indulge them with a glass tank cover by Aqueon, listed in the top 5 of USA made aquarium covers. Also Cobalt International of South Carolina makes their fish flakes and frog bites here in the USA. I have been using the frog bites for my own dwarf African frogs for quite some time and they love them.

Both Zilla by Aqueon, and Zoo Med offer excellent USA made terrarium kits as fun lounges for your turtles or lizards.

So there you go…earmark Valentine’s Day as an out of the ordinary…not just another day…certain welcome surprise time for your beloved pets.

Check out “Be My Happy Valentine” before you go.


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