It’s Good to Challenge your Fur Baby

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about being in “The Doldrums“. I am sure you all have felt that way too with the Covid restrictions we have been facing so long and continuing on until we are rid of this deadly virus. As you might imagine our pets get the “doldrums” too and it’s up to us to help them overcome this ennui and boredom using activities for dogs at home and for cats at home..for our pets at home. You get the picture.

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There are many ways to assist your best pet friends into better enlivening activity.


Have you heard of toys…oh yeah! A newer one on the market is the ‘ Ultra BusyBall’. It appears to be spendy for a ball but it even has a remote control…wow. I ordered one for my niece’s Corgi to try out…am still awaiting it’s arrival. But from what I can tell it lights up and moves on its own. It’s about the size of a softball, they say, so don’t know if it will work for your cat but it just might. It may even come in different sizes. I think it will keep her Corgi pretty busy…don’t you?

I am sure you all have seen the fun cat tunnels with toys attached for your kitty and so many more fun laser and motion toys.

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Spending time with your animals in ‘fetching’ and playing ‘tug of war’ or throwing the laser beam or shaking the motion toy is good for a short time to tire them out. Of course, walking with your dog and with your cat out in the fresh air is the best for good exercise and a good togetherness activity.

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Take a look at “Walkin’ with your Best Pet Friend“.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is great for improving your pet’s skills and manners too and will tire them out as well as build his or her confidence. There are many ways to challenge our pets by teaching them new tricks, or good manner commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’, etc. Food puzzle trays that hide their food are fun challenges. There are many types on the market to choose from. Or, you can try hiding their toys…just let them see you do it so they get the idea.

When your pets are left alone they may build up anxiety. What better way to lessen that anxiety than to leave them with ball toys that hide treats for them to find. Or the toothbrush chew toys, some have meat-flavored toothpaste hidden inside. (Anything that might help keep those teeth clean is good I believe.)

Some of our pets ‘gobble’ their food which may be an indication of anxiety. There are tons of ‘slow-down eating’ products available. See some food bowls and trays to choose from like those shown below:

And the ‘snuffle’ mats are great for hiding treats and keeping their attention like the one shown below:

Any good positive interaction with your pets is stimulating. See the following link for some ‘brain training’ tips and games to help keep your furry friend happy and active:

Let’s all strive to keep our best pet friends Happy, Healthy, and Alert. Happy 2021 to all.

Pet Food Recall Notices

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  1. Wow, I had no idea there were so many cool items/ways to entertain and help with our furry furry friends well being. Good research, Nikki!

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