When I had my little dog, I totally spoiled him with pet clothes outfits and toys. He was like my little boy. He let me know if he liked them or not too. I finally discovered the only ‘good’ clothes were velcro fastened types as far as Morgan was concerned. He wouldn’t go for anything going over his head so no knit type sweaters, etc. He most definitely did not like the dog booties so I was just careful to keep him off the hot tarmak during summer months. Wish I had known about the protective paw wax available now.

Dog coat winter 600 x 400

His most favorite toy was his squeaky hedgehog. The others usually stood idly by in his toy box. Did I mention I spoiled him rotten.

Buying dog apparel for Morgan was a fun past time. He had quite the wardrobe including, I remember, a handsome purple coat that covered him well and fastened with, what else, velcro…he strutted when he wore that coat…it was in his ‘designer’ dog clothes group I guess. And a bright yellow raincoat and hat, though he didn’t much go for the hat part.

On his birthday and Christmas, he always had wrapped presents…he loved it…his special days. They definitely are our children…our pets.

Halloween Costumes?

The only part I didn’t do…the Halloween costume. I still have a hard time seeing other people’s pets dressed up for Halloween. It seems particularly silly to me. But there is quite a market out there for pet costumes…I must be a minority in that arena.

Halloween costurmed dog 600 x 400

Safety Pet Gear

Clothes for pets come in all sizes, styles, colors, and types. I love it that we have boating safety and water safety gear for our pets too. Of course, all the retail pet stores have clothing available for our pets. Also Amazon and Overstock and many, many online stores. And Chewy deliveries are available for just about anything for our pets. Wow, we have more choices than ever before.

Since our pets are, of course, mainly inside dwellers they do need extra warmth and protection when going outside in Fall and Winter. And many need cooling help in Summer. Just as many animals are not terrific swimmers and the need for a life preserver is great, actually even if they do swim well. Water accidents do occur.

Walking Gear

What I also love are the great harnesses that are available now. A great protection against unwittingly hurting your pet’s neck or back. Other wonderful products to safeguard our pets are the night bright vests and leashes for walking during the dark evening hours.

Dog in Reflective Vest 495 x 600

Check out “Walkin’ with your Best Pet Friend“.

And for great gear see “Essential Accessories for Walking with your Fur Pal”.

Remember several other ways to engage our pets. See “It’s Good to Challenge your Fur Baby”.

Licensed Pet Wear

If you a real sports fan, all kinds of licensed pet wear is available. This is fun and yet funny to me. Guess I am not that much of a sports accept my apologies if you are.

So just airing my thoughts on “pet wear” and the myriad of products out there available to protect, warm, and distinguish our handsome and lovely furry friends.


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