A Kitty Story of Callie

Reintroducing My Big Red Kitty Back on November 8th of 2021 is when I wrote my first kitty story of Callie and introduced her as my big red kitty and one of her misadventures as a feral cat. As noted at that time she was watched by one or two feral cat watch people onContinue reading “A Kitty Story of Callie”

Callie – my Big Red Kitty

Introducing Callie She is my big feline girl, just over 20 pounds but very svelte. And what a total lover, at least, when it suits her! Here she is at her waking-up best. And, now a short cat story of a cat named Callie. Callie’s eyes are a deep dark blue green…very unusual and beautiful.Continue reading “Callie – my Big Red Kitty”

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