A Good Pet Bird for Me?

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A Good Pet Bird for Me?

A good question to ask before adopting or buying a feathered friend: What is a good pet bird for me?

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Cute smiling girl playing with her pet green Monk Parakeet parrot. who is sitting on her shoulder. Quaker parrot bird owner. Exotic pet.

My Pet Birds

I have had two feathered buddies. My first was a surprise Christmas friend, who I named Noel and she stayed with me for 8 good years. A sweet parakeet. My second, also a parakeet or budgie, I named Skyli because she was the color of a clear blue sky. She was very sweet also but only with me for 4 short years. See my post, “Best Bird Friends”.

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The Budgies I have had the pleasure of as pets, were fairly easy to take care of on a daily basis. Parakeets do poop a lot and need a paper at the bottom of their cage changed at minimum of once a week or sooner is better. Just keep their water and seed trays refilled and introduce some fruits and maybe a veggie. Give them a bed space and an occasional bathtub for refreshing, and keep them out of drafts. A fun mirror, a ladder, and maybe a bell to ring, and another fun toy to play with is good.

The seeds can be kind of messy to vacuum up. Other than the above, just some good attention is needed. I should also mention a good calcium bar for their beak and a rough perch cover to help dull their nails. And do get them a nice breathable cage cover for nighttime.

The one thing I found difficult is finding a good avian vet to help if and when they get sick. So that is a good area to look into.

Your Best Pet Bird Species

There are many types of great birds to choose from as pets.

Of special interest, may be the quiz on ‘your right pet bird’ mentioned on BEAK’s site. BEAK is a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible care of pet birds. Their site shows quite a number of birds available for adoption as well as retail stores offering pet birds. So depending on your tolerance for noise, how busy you are, what you want in a pet bird, and so on, they will show you some options and give you the percentages on different bird species as they fit in with your lifestyle. And, they will recommend the best one for you based on your answers.

You might also want to take a look at a post I wrote on many popular types of pet birds in “I Want a Pet Bird?”.

How to Spoil your New Feathered Friend

If you want to spoil your new best feathered friend, go to KH Pet for their heated bird perch or a cage warmer for winter chills. And for a great cage, try PrevuePet.com of Chicago, and Cozzzybird.com of Arizona for a fun cage cover.

For fun natural handmade bird toys see HootnHollerbirdtoys.com of Alabama and also see the bird toys by PlayfulParrot of Florida. Do remember some yummy food and delish treat sticks from Kaytee.com of Wisconsin which will have your birdie friend singing up a storm.

Bird toy Playful Parrot 324x486 best POST A Good Pet Bird for me 23

We even have a special USA Pet Bird Day celebrated every September. So you now know some sites to go to for celebrating your best birdie’s day. See my post: “USA Pet Bird Day”.

Pet Food Recalls

It is good to keep on top of pet food recalls through our FDA.org site or sign up with Dog Food Advisor for email alerts, sometimes on products too.

Animal Videos

First from Big Geek Daddy about a hummingbird: https://biggeekdad.com/2021/04/hector-the-hummingbird/.

Next on parrots: https://biggeekdad.com/2023/04/two-parrots-talking/.

And last shows a pileated woodpecker: https://biggeekdad.com/2017/02/woodpecker-at-work/.


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  1. Liked your first hand experience with birds. Also loved the bird videos. I think I’ve seen the little hummingbird one before but it was a treat to see it again.

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