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Tricia Perry Revamping

Tis already the end of February and time for some site work on Tricia’s blog, Pet Viewpoint.

I now have a wild pet bird! An adorable Hummingbird. They are quite incredible with their large brains and their ability to hover with their wings going unbelievably fast. Also they can see from all angles and turn their wings every which way. This little guy, I believe, is a teenager because he is still afraid of me. In my experience these small birds are quite bold and unafraid. But I delight in keeping his food in supply. Check out my post on wild birds: “Birds in Summer“.

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So I will be off to enriching my blog site for at least the next two weeks and want to continue to share some of the very fun Big Geek Daddy videos with you in the meantime.

Funny Animal Videos

First is a great one all about hummingbirds – .

Here is some comedy on wild life:

Next: Why God Made a Dog –

And last: Some challenges our pets face –

Take a gander at a true wild squirrel story: “A Wild Squirrelly Friend?”


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