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The Bark (now “The Wildest”) recently published an article by an animal behaviorist and professional dog trainer with some great dog training tips entitled “9 Dog-Training Mistakes”. So for the best ways to train your dog take a look below. To summarize:

Training Times

First and foremost we need to make our training sessions “short”. By short, the author is substituting “micro” since many people think short means 10 or 20 minutes. In reality she states that the training sessions should be a “micro” 30 to 90 SECONDS. Using several “micro” sessions works exceptionally better for your fur pal than long, drawn out periods.

Delivering Treats to Train your Dog

Next is about delivering treats. Many of us evidently don’t give the treat to our doggo immediately after they perform the command. In that case, our doggo does not get the message. Our dog might think we are treating them because they jumped up on us before getting the treat, instead of for completing the task at hand of “lay down”. So we need to have the treat or belly rub or ear scratch ready right after they perform as asked. That way our fur babe will understand what action we want from them triggers the treat.

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You might also use a clicker and and/or a word like “Yes” immediately after your dog completes the action you asked of him.

Another tip on delivering treats is aiming a little below or behind your dog’s mouth to encourage him to slow down a bit and begin to know where to expect his treat or ear scratch.

Common Mistakes in Dog Training

If we ask our doggo to “come” and then give them or a nail trim, the association will be with something unpleasant. So perhaps give your pup an ear scratch or a small belly rub beforehand so that they still associate the “come” command as positive.

Another instance of giving your fur baby the wrong message is when he or she pulls on their leash or jumps up on you, you pet them instead of correcting your fur friend. So you need to direct your dog in the exact way you want them to respond in order for your doggo to understand your intended message. If you give your fur friend the “down” command and they respond, that is the time to immediately reward them.

Train your Dog for Any Venue

Most important is to understand that your doggie may not perform all his or her learned commands in any situation or location, i.e., the dog park. So we need to continue our “micro” training sessions wherever we might go with our dog friends. That way they will become “generalized” in their training habits and be able to “come”, “sit”, “stay”, etc. no matter where they may be or the circumstances and distractions involved.

Vary Reinforcements

The author believes treats are very important in training and that we should be generous in that regard. However, additional “treats” are encouraged. Physical contact is one, like “a play session or getting to go outside can expand your dog’s willingness to work and help you do a better job of teaching her”. Or, if she or he is into belly rubs, that could be another effective treat.

Cue Consistency is Best to Train your Dog

Staying with the same cues, like “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”, “Come” will reinforce the command for your pup. It is better to train your dog well than confuse them with small, unintentional change ups like “sit down” or “get down” or “come here”. We all do that, I am sure. So be aware for your dog’s sake in getting your message across.


“The difference between reinforcement and bribery is huge, and only the first will lead to a well-trained dog.” In other words remember to offer the treat after your dog has correctly performed your command. Do not ‘dangle’ a treat to ‘bribe’ your guy or girl or that is what they will come to expect and the only way they will understand to respond.

Another good dog training resource you might want to check out is “Brain Training 4 Dogs“.

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