Thanks for our Pets

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Thanks for our Pets

Stopping by just to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving with a special thanks for all of our pets.

December follows with several fun pet event days to celebrate, so keep tuned in for those ‘soon to come’ pet times.

In the meantime, just enjoy four fun animal videos and remember to give your pets their own Thanksgiving treats!

See my post “Delish Natural Pet Treats made in the USA” for great ideas for your best pet friends.

Animal Videos

Number 1 from Big Geek Daddy and an apologetic dog –

Next is showing our adorable pets  –

One more is on some big swimmers –

And the last on a rescue  –


So glad you came by Pet Viewpoint.  Hope to see you again soon.  Please do leave your comments and ‘likes’ down below on the left and tell your pet-loving friends and family to come see us too.  And, again, enjoy a happy Turkey Day…

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