Summer Pet Tips

When Summer is just around the corner, I want to reintroduce some past posts that address Summer Pet Tips for useful USA-made products, services, and special care.

Sellwood Riverfront Park beach area

Pet Summer Gear

The first post is called “For our Pets in Summer“.

The first item in this list is Spoton.Pet. Unfortunately, however, a year later my security software says not to open this site. They were somewhat new in New York, so perhaps Covid hurt them.

So, on to the rest of the great products to help keep your pets comfortable in summer. And after testing those sites, they are all still good.

Double leashed dogs with owner on beach

Take a look and you will find goods for paw wax to cooling splash pools to cooling beds or perches, water gear, grooming products, treats, and more for your pet buds in “For our Pets in Summer”.

Pet Summer Care

The next post for summer care is mainly a chart for care in very hot weather for our pet guys and girls which I am repeating here for some important information: “Our Pets and the Heat of Summer” from June of 2021, chart compliments of Healthy Pets NW –

Chart of Heatstroke symptoms for pets

Pet Summer Vacations

Lastly, my post about “Pets on Vacation” gives you all kinds of options for leaving your guys or taking them with you on vacation and those sites are all still available.

Since I was late posting this last summer I want to reiterate these possibilities prior to our summertime 2022. From a day care, boarding facility, to pet sitters, RVing with your pets, reserving a pet-friendly motel or hotel, and more. There are quite a number of choices available.

Take a look at “Pets on Vacation” and decide what is best for you and your pets .

Take advantage of all the afore-mentioned USA products, tips, and services for a great summer with your loving pets and enjoy.

Funny Animal Videos

First up from Big Geek Daddy is about a dog:

Next we have some furry lifeguards:

And, for our last video, baby raccoons:


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