Ready for USA Cat Day?

It comes around every year. On October 29th! Are you ready for USA Cat Day with all good treats and fun for your fuzzy feline? See some great USA products available for your kitty following.

USA Made and Sourced

Try Americat of Wexford, Pennsylvania. They provide safe stainless steel food and water bowls with or without a stand, plus fun placemats for your fur ball. This company also makes litter accessories – bags and litter mats. More products include toys in the form of balls and scratchers. And to keep your kitty cat safe, set up one of their ID tags. All the aformentioned available with free shipping.

To make your pet pal’s fur shine and feel their best, take a look at Best Shot Pet’s coat and skin care products. They have been in business since 1988 in Frankfort, Kentucky. Their offerings include 100 percent biodegradable shampoos, ear treatments, wellness itch treatments, stain and odor sprays and more.

See some great interactive cat toys, puzzle feeders, and treat mazes at CatAmazing of Fort Lee, New Jersey. These are 100 percent plant based and biodegradable and will keep your kitty active and engaged.

You will need some delish treats for those CatAmazing treat mazes and feeders. Try Shameless Pets of Somerset, New Jersey and their yummy salmon, lobster, and chicken catnip cat treats made with premium foods. Their first ingredient is always real meat or seafood.

With Winter coming on soon how about a thermo kitty heated bed or window thermo kitty sill for your feline bud from KH Pet of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They provide their customers with a 60-day return policy.

If your kitty likes to walk with you, think about a brand new stylish safety collar and matching leash of recyled materials from Lupine Pet of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. They have ‘escape proof’ harnesses for your kitty bud too.


Have you thought about learning more about your kitty friend or friends? Tufts Catnip has a free newsletter and tons of inexpensive books available on this subject. Tufts is a top world veterinary college, actually the 30th top vet school in our world. You can choose “The Cat Bible” to find tons of facts on how to keep your cat baby happy. Or see the “Vet’s Guide to Cat Symptoms”. Learn “How to be Catwise” or “How to Think like a Cat”!

At any rate, it is time to be thinking about some special fun for your loving feline baby. Take advantage of some of the great USA mentioned products above.


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Fun Feline Videos

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