Re-Sharing Fun Christmas Facts

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l shared many of these fun Christmas facts last year and decided on re-sharing even more this year in case you missed out before. Or, you can browse through this great list of 100 Fun Christmas Facts yourself at The Fact Site.

Following are 16 plus of the 100 Christmas Facts.

Did you know that Christmas was not actually accepted in the United States until the early 1800s. And Franklin Pierce was the first US President to place a Christmas tree in the White House back in the mid 1850’s. I wonder if he had a cat or a dog or both to share his new holiday scene? This day that is celebrated around the world was not recognized in the United States until the 1830’s.

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Did you know that the ‘X’ in Xmas actually is the Greek letter ‘chi’ used by Christian scholars as an abbreviation for Christ’s name. So really, X-Mas actually means Christ-Mas, and as such, is no different at all! I now feel better using that acronym!

And, Christmas trees were lit by candles clear up until the 20th century…maybe the start of the ‘fire department’?! However, eggnog goes all the way back to Captain John Smith’s Jamestown Settlement in the 1600’s. Our pilgrims knew what they were doing.

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We have two places in America named after Santa: Santa Claus in Indiana and Santa in Idaho. Also 50 states do grow Christmas trees and the average tree takes 15 years to grow before it is up for sale.

The name “Santa Claus” or “St. Nicholas” in Dutch became Sint-Niklaas or Sinter Klaas…so closing in on “Santa Claus”. “Christmas” comes from the old English “Cristes maesse”. “Noel” is from a French phrase meaning ‘the good news’ – “les bonnes nouvelles”.

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The candy cane at Christmas originated 250 years ago in Germany as straight white sticks. I wonder by who and when the cane handle and red stripes were added?

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The highest-grossing Christmas movie is actually Jim Carrey’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Not surprising!

The Rockefeller Christmas tree is topped, as of 2004, with a 550-pound (249.48 kg) Swarovski Crystal star. Wow, that must be brilliant to see!

Many people’s favorite carol, “Jingle Bells,” written in 1857, was actually written for thanksgiving and was called “on horse open sleigh!”

And, in December 1965, Jingle Bells was the first song broadcast in space from Gemini 6. How appropriate.

Christmas was first recognized in the US in 1836. The first state was Alabama, and the last was Oklahoma in 1970. Why so far behind Oklahoma?

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If you live in Canada and want to get a letter sent to Santa Claus, then you’re in luck – he has his very own postcode! Go for it kids! But remember to send it before December 10th to ensure that he has time to reply to you.

His address is Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada.

The gold chocolate coins we receive at Christmas are to represent the gold St Nicholas supposedly gave to the poor. What a wonderful idea.

The holly inside a wreath actually represents Jesus’ Crown, and the red berries represent his blood.

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The star of Bethlehem that guided the wise men is believed to be a comet or Uranus.

Wishing all a very happy, merry Christmas and a truly great New Year! I will be off celebrating myself over the holidays. Looking forward to talking to you all in the New Year!

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Funny Animal Videos

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Until then, enjoy some very funny animal videos for the season:

From Big Geek Daddy – here’s Elvis –

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Next from Big Daddy, have you ever seen so many eagles? –

This last shows the incredible senses dogs possess –


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