Prevention of Lost Pets

Yes, July is Lost Pets Prevention Month. And July first is Pet ID Tag Day. Have you tagged your furry pal yet. We are hoping so, since July 4th is a huge day for lost and injured pets with all our fireworks and celebrations for Independence Day here in the USA. Hence, the reasoning behind July as the month for Prevention of Lost Pets.

That, of course, is why our shelters’ busiest day of the year is July 5th.

Unfortunately, there are still people bringing their pets to fireworks! Hard to believe, I know, but I saw quite a few myself this year. The animals were shaking and scared to death and some running wild like they were lost and searching for their family. Not the best direction toward the Prevention of Lost Pets.

There are so many natural calming oils, sprays, chews, collars, and hugging vests to use now to help our pets even if they are at home and alone. See of Vancouver, WA for their hugging vests. Our pet pals are better off by themselves than having their eardrums aching and their bodies shaking from fear in the midst of our fireworks’ celebrations. Yes, the noise does hurt their ears, which are many times more sensitive than ours. The light flashes are terrifying to our pet pals.

How hard can it be to leave your animal at home in a secure spot with some light music and interactive toys and food and water. The music does help them feel un-alone and the interactive toys do help to keep them occupied like the toy treat dispenser from The calming products do help our furry friends.

Micro-Chips / Pet ID Tags

If you have not micro-chipped your fur bud yet, please make an appointment with your vet and do it now. If you do not have a tag with your info on it in case your fur friend is lost, please do it now. Go to your local pet store; they have machines where you can easily make a tag, or you can order ID tags online as well.

USA-made Aids

Check out my post on Anxiety and Calming products which are natural and all USA-made in “Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids“. Talk to your vet to make sure you use the right dosage for your pet’s weight and age and condition if using CBD.

Find a Lost Pet?

If you run across a lost pet please notify the Oregon Humane Society or your local shelter and, if possible, take them to a shelter. In my local area of Portland, Oregon there are several: “Best Animal Shelter Websites“.

Hopefully more people will stop bringing their pets to Independence Day celebrations and others where our pets are truly uncomfortable and better left at home alone. Fewer lost pets equals a happier summer for all.

Funny Animal Videos

See some fun videos, the first two on dogs from Big Geek Daddy:

And, the last two on cats –


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