Pets on Vacation?

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There are quite a number of options for our pets on vacation. Below I am mentioning many of those for our aquarium dwellers, pet birds, cats, and dogs.

Friends for your Pets on Vacation

If you have a friend or two available or a trusted friend of a friend to check in on your pets a couple times a day who will walk, and play, feed and care for them…that is terrific, especially if they already know your pet pals. Be sure to let them know how to reach you, if need be, as well as your pets’ needs, and how to reach your vet service. This may be your best option of all. In this way your pet can also have their own mini vacation from you.

Pet Sitters

In home is a good resource for vacation and pets – here you can choose from 3 different annual plans with unlimited pet sitting throughout the year. Or just search for local pet sitters near you and check them for experience, qualifications, and reviews, as well as fees. Some may be as low as $10 per day. is another option for pet sitters in your home or theirs for our dog buddies.

Pet Sitting is great for your aquarium guys…probably the best option. But you can also get an automatic feeder for your aquarium. I’m just not one to trust something like that to not malfunction.

Sitting in the pet sitter’s home is another alternative. You can check this out when searching for local pet sitters near you.

Either way they will be fed and cared for and get some play time while you’re away. And if they need walks this is a good choice. If you want 24/7, of course, going to the pet sitter’s home is your best choice.

Please note too some tips on heat and your pets at “Our Pets and the Heat of Summer”.

Boarding for Vacations and Pets

Boarding is available for our pet birds, cats, and dogs.

Some places will even rent a roomy cage for a dollar and offer grooming services too for your birdies. Just be sure to check them out before agreeing to use their services.

Search for cat boarding services and wow!…luxurious hotel and kitty condo boarding will show up with technicians and grooming services available. Some starting at $40 a day. is a great short term and longer stay option for your dogs with lots of play time and grooming services available. They are throughout the US.

Motels, Hotels, and Resorts

Check out weekend getaways and vacation packages at ‘pet friendly’ establishments. You can search by state and city. This works great if you want to take your pets with you on a road trip or just for a weekend to the beach or mountains. Search also for ‘pet friendly vacation rentals’. Again always check the establishment out and ask about any pet fees.

One to check is Vacation Rental by Owner for renting a personal home for your vacation.

Rent an RV for a Road Trip

Great way to travel with your animals and care for them. Go to RVnGo or Cruise America. Check out their fees for cleaning, sanitation, damage, etc. and if they allow animals at all. Make sure the RV will be large enough for all of you. If you plan to stay in an RV camp along the way, remember to book your space in advance. Then enjoy!

Also if you are taking your pet with you, read up on items you might find useful in “For our Pets in Summer“.


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