Pet Wellness & USA Dog Day

Do you know about pet dedication days in August? The whole month is devoted to pet wellness and immunization. On that note, we also have our USA Dog Day in August.

So this is vet checkup time for our pets your and good to schedule necessary booster shots and preventative meds for your furry friends. Remember to check on their anti-flea products. Are they working well? If not, see some good, reliable, and effective USA-made flea and tick products: “Best Flea and Tick Help for Pets”.

This is also a good time for your pet’s dental check-up. Are the dental products you are using beneficial? Find some excellent USA-made products by taking a look at “Dental Care for our Fur Babies“.

Is your best fur bud having trouble climbing, running, or walking? Is your buddy suffering from arthritis, getting older, or healing from surgery? Does your fur guy need some pet stairs, or a good healing wrap? In “Pet Stairs – Reviews” you will find top rated USA-made pet stairs.

Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids” will give you some great ideas to help calm your pet and help with possible arthritis or therapeutic healing needs, again all USA-made goods.

National Dog Day

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Yes, August 26th is National USA Dog Day. The first week of August is without a doubt time to check out some great fun ideas for your best canine buddy or buddies. We are thinking toys and treats, possibly including a cooling pool or bed since August is usually our hot, hot summertime. And, I am sure you agree, our best fur friends deserve the best. So, do take a look following at safe, natural, and well made USA pet product recommendations just for your beloved doggo.

Celebrate with USA-made Dog Toys

All Star Dog has your favorite team licensed toys in many choices. See their catalog and find a store near you that carries their products. They have footballs, tug toys, discs, toss toys, squeakers, and even pet ID tags licensed for your chosen team.

American Dog makes all kinds of critters, flyers, tug, and plush toys for your doggo. And a nice note on American Dog: this company donates a portion of every toy sold to needy rescues here in the USA every quarter.

West Paw offers durable tough chew and play toys, plus puzzles for treats, and plush toys in a myriad of colors and shapes. As a planet conscious company, West Paw uses recycled plastic to make their products thereby keeping it out of our landfills.

Treat your Dog with USA-made Dog Treats

Chasing Our Tails produces a variety of one ingredient and preservative-free treats and chews for your doggos. Take a look at their smoked bones, dehydrated organ treats, freeze-dried treats like the beef liver, and long-lasting antler chews.

Purrfect Play offers organic, human grade training treats using coconut and coconut oil, a Blueberry Cobbler and a Pumpkin Pie. They also have Macaroon treats in three flavors: Apple Pie, Vanilla, and Lemoncello. All ingredients are listed on their site. How different and delish they sound!

Soda Pup gives us only human ingredient treats called Dogtastic treats. Try their peanut butter, or pumpkin, or bacon and cheese chewie treats and the roast duck with orange and carrot treat for training. They also provide a variety of treat trays and dispensers for your pups.

Pamper your Pup with USA Cooling Products

How about a CoolingDogSplashPool made in Indiana. Your dog would be giving you non-stop loving licks.

K&H Pet makes top reviewed cooling beds for your canine guys and girls. You can find cooling cots with or without a canopy, cooling pads, and beds.

Another option for helping to keep your pet cooled this summer is a cooling water bowl produced by K&H Pet.

One more product from K&H is another pool available with or without a canopy.

Mark your calendar for our USA National Dog Day and give your best canine buddies a special celebration in their honor.

Funny Dog Videos

In the meantime, watch a couple of fun doggy videos from Big Geek Daddy:

First up is about a young boy and his rescue dog –

Next on our great friends –


Hope you will take advantage of some of the above for your Dog’s special Day and come back again soon. Please share Pet Viewpoint with your family and friends and remember to click on our free “Subscribe” button at the very bottom of this page to receive our weekly posts.

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