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Pets Tips and Tidbits

I have come across some good pet tips and tidbits to share recently in both Pet Age and TuftsCatnip. See some aquarium and cat tips following.

Cat Lovers’ Helpful Hints

Cat held by owner 600 x 600

Since December is Cat Lovers Month I want to share info from Tufts Catnip about a kitty disease named Ascites. It involves fluid in the abdomen and sounds serious so take a look in case this may be of help to your feline buddy. ” Accumulation of fluid in the abdomen is an important – and usually dangerous – sign of illness in cats. Here’s what you should know about it.Tufts Catnip December 8, 2022 newsletter.

Another great publication by Tufts Catnip is called “It’s a Cat’s World…You Just Live in It”. If you would like some insights into your kitty’s brain, purchase this fun Tufts publication to understand some of your kitty cat’s mysterious doings. It is priced at just $14.99 at this writing.

If you have a fairly new kitty who is having problems using the litter box, look at this info provided by Tufts – ” …litter box aversion, one of the easiest problems to solve if a cat refuses to go to the bathroom where she is supposed to.” The article is not about any medical problems, but the possibility of your cat’s aversion being a behavioral problem. To see it this might help your new kitty, read more here.

White kitty cave igloo litter box 280 x 180

Aquarium Master Helpful Hints

small aquarium with fish and decor 300 x 300

With our National Fish Day celebrated every December 18th, here is an announcement on a new aquarium product:

In their December 8, 2022 newsletter, Pet Age announced a new water tester device is now available from API Fish Care (Mars FishCare). They describe it as a “simple, precise digital water tester”. It is named API AquaSpin and takes just two minutes for results. See more info on this new product at API.

If you have a small aquarium as I do, see my post on “Easy Care Pets“.

Also take a look at “Curious Facts about Cats and Dogs” – and,

Cues about Cats“.

Funny Animal Videos

Enjoy the following fun videos:

With the holidays already upon us see this video from Big Geek Daddy –

Next from Big Geek Daddy is showing funny felines –

And last from Big Geek Daddy is about a penguin –


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