Pet Safety Defined

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Pet Safety Defined

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October is defined as Pet Safety and Protection Month, including Pet Wellness; hence the following questions influencing the title of Pet Safety Defined.

There are so many ways that we do need to remember to safeguard our pets. And with Halloween celebrations, we need to be doubly aware of people and noises that may upset our pets and trigger anxiety issues.

Anxiety Relief

Does you fur bud run when visitors appear or hide or show aggressive behavior? Maybe your best pet friend needs an anxiety vest or a calming cbd chew. Have you checked all these great USA anxiety products out? How about a puzzle treat or treat toy for their separation anxiety?

Cat in Anxiety Vest 315 x 320

How about checking with your vet for needed vaccinations and preventitive meds, like flea and tick collars or sprays, ear and eye wipes, glucosamine.

Dental care is a number one health issue for our furry friends. Have you checked out all the available dental products and reviews? Take a gander at Dental Care for our Fur Babies.

Safety in food choices is a major item also. USA-made with natural ingredients is best. Have you looked through the ingredient list on your pet’s food? The same guidelines apply to their treats. If they are having trouble eating, do they need mainly soft foods?

Another good safety measure is to check the site for recall information on pet foods or subscribe to the Dog Food recall email notices for both dogs and cats. Even most reliable pet food companies run into trouble at times and will submit a voluntary recall.

Also take a look at the list of bad foods and good foods for your fur buds here: Pet Poison Prevention Awareness. Some inexpensive and natural treats can be found in these lists for both your cats and your dogs.

Pet Insurance is pretty much a must these days with vet prices. See a list of recommended insurers in my last post entitled: Pet Insurance Update– It is a Must!

Property Safety Inside & Out

It is time to check your yard, fences, gates for any needed repairs. Have you considered a Catico to keep your cat happy and safe outside? Inside it is good to check on cords or cupboards accessible to pets and secure them from getting into any hazardous areas or products. A quick trip to the hardware store may be in order for a simple door latch or cord enclosure product.

On that note, do you have a pet gate to keep your doggy out of a particularly dangerous pet area in your home.

Does your pet have an ailment making it hard to climb. Or is arthritis and aging asking too much of them? Have you checked out pet stairs? See Pet Stairs – Reviewed.

Riding and Walking Considerations

Is your leash, collar, and/or harness in good condition. Is your ID tag up to date?

Have you invested in a safety tested car carrier, and safety harness? And, does your fur buddy need a ramp to help entering and exiting your vehicle?

Dog Ramps 315x315

Are you aware of the GPS collars available to track your pet if lost and the apps available thru Petco for same?

In cold or hot weather, booties protect your animals paws from frost in winter and from hot tarmack in summer. Another helpful alternative is paw wax. And, since our pets are living inside, warm and wet weather gear is also in order. See Fur Baby Walks. Also check Fall Winter Pet Gear.

Are you a boat owner ? Do your animals like playing in the water? Have you purchased floatation devices for them?

Stranger Danger

If you know someone unfamiliar to your pet is due to visit and, in this circumstance your fur baby is uneasy or overly protective, perhaps a temporary muzzle or other restraint might be in order. A temporary enclosed space would be a solution. Or, if it is just an anxiety issue, time to break out the anxiety vest or a calming chew. Halloween is a definite example of ‘stranger danger’ with noisy trick or treaters ringing your doorbell in masks and unusual apparel!

Best USA-made Solutions

For the above items made in the USA for your pets, go to my list of Post Categories on my Welcome page. The last category is labelled “USA-made Products”. There you will find many posts with available safe and useful recommended pet products. You might also check under the Category “Pet Care”.

Next Up

Next week is going to be all about cats, especially in cahoots with Halloween. So all you cat lovers be sure to stop by. Or anyone curious about cats!

Animal Videos

First up from Big Geek Daddy is people helping animals:

Next we have magical animal moments:

And last but not least is about cats past caring:


Many thanks for coming by Pet Viewpoint this week. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Please do let your family and pet-loving friends know about us too. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome down below on the left.

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