Pet Reminders & Coming Events

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Pet Reminders & Coming Events

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I wrote about our ‘Change a Pet’s Life Day’ the week of January 18th and January 24th is that annual day. Have you come up with a great idea for your pet bird, aquarium critters, feline friend, or your cute canine? If not, here is a pet reminder in “How to Change a Pet’s Life”. And, there are quite a few coming events which occur in February.

Coming Events

One coming event is ‘Pet Dental Health Month’ happening throughout February. This is most important for our cats and dogs who can easily develop serious dental issues by age three. See “Dental Care for our Fur Babies” for a refresher on signs of periodontal disease, care, and good USA-made dental products to assist in keeping your pet’s teeth in good condition.

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Another event designated for our pets in February is ‘Pet Training Education’. I mentioned this as a great way to enhance your pet’s life in a recent post. Even just a new command, or trick is great but to really go whole hog, agility training takes the cake! See my post “Agility Training — Your Dog?”.

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And don’t forget Super Bowl is almost here on February 7th for you football fans. Have you thought about getting your doggo or your kitty outfitted in your favorite team’s colors? Go to All Star Dogs in New Jersey and online for their licensed pet apparel…you probably still have enough time!

Licensed dog apparel by All Star Dogs 240 x 240

Funny Animal Videos

Reposting from Smorgasbord Magazine on agility training:

Second is on some cute kitties:

And last from Big Geek Daddy on fun time for dogs:


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  1. Thanks for the reminders, especially on dental care (need to get my kitkats’ in for teeth cleaning) and of course the delightful videos.

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