Memorial Day for our Pets

How many of you have thought of a formal pet memorial for your lost pet? The only thing I ever did was get a paw print from my veterinarian which I still have today by a picture of my little beloved guy. My sister and I were recently commenting on pet cemeteries. So, I decided to take a look through my home state of Oregon to see what, if any, pet cemeteries are available.

USA Pet Cemeteries

To my surprise I located quite a few – at least five. Then I decided to search Google for the USA. Wow, it turns out, according to a 2019 list by, there are well over 100 pet cemeteries across the USA. Some are for both pets and people, some for all kinds of animals including horses, mules, lizards, cats, dogs, birds. There is even one in Mississippi only for coonhounds. You can search by state using the link above.

It is terribly sad and difficult to lose a best pet friend so what a great way to give them their due and us some closure than with a formal burial procedure or online pet memorials. Here are the pet cemeteries I found in Oregon…one or two that are not on the above list. And, what they have to offer.

Oregon Pet Cemeteries

A Cherished Pet Crematory and Funeral Home is located in Portland, OR. They offer cremation and burial services and funeral services with a viewing room available. Also for memorial items they offer fur or wing clippings, nose or paw ink prints, and clay paw prints.

Chehalem Pet Cemetery is in Newberg, OR. They offer funeral services, and online obituary memorials.

Dignified Pet Services has locations in Milwaukie, Salem, and Tualatin, OR, .Along with cremation, urns, and online remembrance services they offer in-home euthanasia services. Memorials available are: plant a tree, send flowers, jewelry, engraved markers in river rock or granite, clay or ink paw prints, and fur clippings.

Green Acres Pet Cemetery and Crematorium in Medford, OR offers cremation, funeral and viewing services as well as urns, caskets and markers of bronze or granite and commemorative lockets. This was the first pet cemetery between San Francisco and Portland established in 1967.

Treehaven Pet Cemetery is actually located in Olney Cemetery in Pendleton, OR. They show a phone number of (541) 276-8100 for information

Memorial Services

West Coast Pet Memorial Services has locations in Clackamas, OR, Colbert, WA, Kent, WA, Huntington Beach and San Diego, CA . Clackamas, OR is a pet cemetery with cremation, urn, and online memorial services. Commemorative paw prints, pendants, and necklaces are also offered.

It appears that there are quite few options available for pet parents. Most likely pretty close to the same options across the country.

Memorial Ideas

One idea I recently came across was to make a bucket list for your pet if their health is failing. Things like taking them to a dog park they love, or any off-leash spot, the beach where they can run, the water if they love to swim. Or give them special treats like a hamburger, a little ice cream, doggie cookies, a new pet for company…you get the idea.

For all our lost best pet friends, we love you in memory.

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  1. It’s good to know there are so many pet cemeteries out there. All of the suggestions for memorializing can really help us through the grieving process.

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