Pet Insurance Update – It is a Must!

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Pet Insurance Update

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Since September is Pet Insurance Month, I am going to follow here with some good information for your pet insurance update. Unfortunately, this is something we don’t really want but is a definite need today for our pet meds and healthcare costs.

There are two review sites I am referencing. Forbes and They both share comparison info on their top rated pet insurance companies. Following is an overview of their findings and a good starting point to choose your best pet insurance option.

2023 Pet Insurance Reviews

Both Forbes and Consumers Advocate choose SPOT as their number one pet insurance company. Forbes gives Spot a 5 rating and Consumers Advocate favors a 4.5 rating. Some of their decisions rest on Spot’s 30 day money back guarantee with up to 90% reimbursement options, wide deductible choices, and the opportunity to adjust coverages to fit your budget.

Forbes continues their second, third, fourth, and fifth choice insurers with the same 5 rating score as Spot. Embrace is second, chosen for their wide coverage options. And, Embrace is also Consumer Advocate’s second choice with their 4.5 rating and a noted Wellness Reward Plan available over a 12-month period.

Review Differences

This is where the two reviewers start to differ. Forbes places Healthy Paws Insurance in their 3rd position with a 5 rating and say they were chosen because of their unlimited annual coverage and availability of alternative therapies.

In fourth place for Forbes is Paw Protect with their instant direct payment to vets and option of a $5000 interest-free line of credit. Before checking out all their information that point might just push me in their favor.

And number five for Forbes is Many Pets, also given a 5 rating, and chosen as a new player with good coverage features and competitive pricing.

Here Consumer Advocates places Pets Best as their number three pick with their 4.0 rating and comprehensive coverage at affordable prices. Next is Fetch, rated 4.5, which they show as the most comprehensive coverage for cats and dogs. And, as number 5, Lemonade is shown for their coverage starting as low as $10 per month.

What is a complete diversion in choices between Forbes and Consumers Advocate is Forbes has Pets Best at a 4.5 rating but as their 8th pick while this company is Consumers Advocate’s 3rd choice but only a 4.0 rating.

Forbes 3rd, 4th, and 5th picks are not mentioned by Consumers Advocate. But Consumers Advocate’s 3rd and 4th choices, Pets Best and Fetch, are mentioned by Forbes. Fetch is number 6 with a 4.5 rating by Forbes, and, as noted above, Pets Best is Forbes number 8 choice.

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All in all it appears there are quite a few good companies available to insure our pets. It just comes down to which options the particular company offers that works best for your best pet friends and your budget. So do take some time to look over all the possibilities offered to insure your pet buds.

Take a look at last year’s pet insurance reviews for more information in “Insure your Pet” and the 2021 picks shown in “Protection for Pets“.

October is almost here which is designated as our Pet Safety and Protection Month. So what better time to set up your pets’ safety net with some protective insurance for them as well as yourselves.

Funny Animal Videos

Now take a moment or two to enjoy some fun animal videos compliments of Big Geek Daddy.

First up see animals being reunited with human friends –

Next up is on Labradors –

And last for today is the dog tease (this one makes me LOL!) –


Hoping the above gives you good resource knowledge to pick your best insurance option. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you again next week. As always, let us have your comments and your suggestions for subject matter.

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2 thoughts on “Pet Insurance Update – It is a Must!

  1. My daughter and I were just talking about pet insurance the other day. So thank you for the head’s up.
    I loved the videos as always. The one about the animals reconnecting with their loved ones had me sobbing again and the last one with the talking dog had me laughing my head off!

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